PS5 devkit photo seems to show machine and DualShock 5

It was back in October that a first proper look at the PS5 development kit was shown, and the unique design of the V shape definitely caught people’s eyes for good or bad. Some people liked the design and some people were put off of it. Now another picture has appeared over the weekend which allegedly shows two of the dev kits side by side along with what appears to be the DualShock 5. Going by a patent registered earlier which seemed to show the new controller there isn’t likely to be a major change in the actual design.

The image is courtesy of Twitter user The Drunk Cat who posted the image who is known for leaks. What needs to be kept in mind is this design is not necessarily the final console design, and we’re likely to get something quite different from what is currently in the hands of developers. The devs might already be getting to grips with alleged AI system that is rumoured to be in place on PS5, as well as the next generation of PSVR.


Many developers have started shifting focus to the PS5 and Project Scarlett. EA cancelled NBA Live 20 to focus on next-gen projects, Ubisoft has confirmed Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods & Monsters for PS5 and Project Scarlett. A new Crash Bandicoot may be on the cards for the next generation too, as well as speculation that Final Fantasy XIV may make the generational leap.

When will we actually know details about what is going on with the PS5? Well, we know the console is expected in Holiday 2020, and there are rumours that there will be a PlayStation Meeting in spring 2020. Sony could follow what it did with the PS4 by going with a full reveal in March 2020 and then releasing in November 2020.

Source: ResetEra

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  1. Man I’m getting excited now. It’s too early to get this excited but I am.

    Side note, Think there is a wee error in the last sentence. Think it should say “a full reveal in March 2020”.

  2. Still seems weird talking about it so far ahead of release, some of the launch features must still be work-in-progress at this stage.

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