What We Played #429 – Darksiders Genesis, Death Stranding & Destiny 2

It’s nearly Christmas! Less than two weeks till we open all those presents – maybe if you’re lucky and there’ll be a console or some games in there – and maybe we can forget all about politics and other depressing things for a couple of days and enjoy spending time with our families (results may vary depending on how nice your family are).

I’ve been getting back into gaming after my loooooong bout of flu, and I’ve got stuck back into playing Overwatch. I got stuck into the competitive season, though it highlights just how much of a difference playing in a set team with your friends can be over the horrible randoms that just seem to run off and do their own thing. Maybe you should wait for everyone to respawn instead of throwing yourself into a hail of bullets? Where do these people come from?

Besides that I’ve been playing the lovely Jurassic Park DLC for Jurassic World Evolution, some Darksiders Genesis and a spot more Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Legion.

Jason played some Terraria, “which was chilled”, and some GTFO, “which is horrifying but also quite good”. Aran is playing Spider-Man and loving it, saying “The world is nicely designed, new content is added gradually so things don’t get stale, and it’s written really well. If there’s a sequel I’m on board day one.” bit late to this party, but we’ll let him off.

Getting in the obligatory Destiny 2 since the start of the new season, Tuffcub also played a little bit of Nioh where he died a lot. I expect he’ll be going back to just Destiny 2 next week then. This has reminded me that I decided to play Destiny 2 on my PS4 instead of my Stadia, only to find I didn’t have enough space on my hard drive and have to wait an eon for it download and update. In one fell swoop I proved to myself that Stadia can be moderately good.

Jim has been juggling Death Stranding with some Disco Elysium this week which sounds interesting. “Both very different games but easily among some of the best 2019 has to offer. Also dipped back into some more L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files which has had me thinking about the original game a lot.”

“Life after getting the plat on Death Stranding just isn’t as exciting anymore,” Nick said in a quiet week of gaming. “I want back to some old stuff to soothe my souls, stating with Street Fighter V, Overwatch and finishing with the more recent NFS Heat.”

On the other hand, Steve meanwhile went straight from getting the platinum on Shadow of the Colossus to the cosily nostalgic Lost Sphear. “While it is super generic and by the numbers it’s just the ticket for the long, cold winter nights. I also started the Vampire Masquerade VN which is nicely written thus far, and installed the latest PES lite last night to try to get my kids interested.”

Gareth played Golem for review and Metro Exodus. “The latter features a section where you go underground into a spider infested hell hole which was quite stressful. The hand-sized spiders that kept crawling about my arms did not help at all, but they’re not as bad as the dog-sized spiders that kept trying to eat me. Ew.”

Miguel has been playing Pokemon Sword a bunch. “I also re-bought Tekken 7 on PC to play with some other friends so ive been dipping my toes into that again. And I played a heavy contender for my game of the year, Frog Detective 2. I also played Halo Reach on PC for the first time since my E3 demo and it was fucking magical. I was playing grifball while my friends stream audience blasted Vocaloid songs – I was truly back in middle school!”

And finally, Tef hasn’t played much this week. In fact, outside of pushing himself to his level 100 in the dying days of Destiny 2’s last season and doing another level of Halo Reach last weekend, he’s not played any games and has instead been wrangling our Game of the Year efforts.

That’s enough about us, what have you played?

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  1. What politics?!?!?
    Haven’t posted this in a while as I have not been gaming much lately til Wednesday!
    Played Fifa and have completed Season 2 waiting on Season 3 in a week!
    Got Ghost Recon Breakpoint Platinum #404 (finally) was a grind to get the highest gear in order to enter the raid for the final trophy.
    Currently on Death Stranding and plan on playing that until I get the platinum (hopefully before Christmas)….. like I said didn’t game much but I am back!

    Happy gaming weekend folks!

  2. Finally finished off Kingdom Hearts 3. Well, except all the extra stuff.

    And my usual combination of online things I’ve been playing lately. PvZ, BFV and Honor & Duty: D-Day (which finally seems to have more people playing, leading to hilariously chaotic battles – VR really helps when everyone has a mic)

    Then my attempts to avoid sales failed me. Finally got around to Injustice 2. Which is a huge improvement over the first. Too many things to do there. And all the loot to collect keeps me at it. Just one more box to open. The only problem is it looks lovely, but some of the facial animations are a bit dodgy. Particularly Supergirl. Her face looks terrifying. And any rumours I’m picking my favourite character based on how many shirts they’re not wearing are, erm, probably completely true.

    And now Amazon have the 4th season of The Expanse on, so any gaming plans for the weekend are fucked. Been waiting a year and a half for that.

  3. I played through Valiant Hearts, which I bought before it was on Plus, but never actually got round to playing. And, to be honest, I found this so much better than any rubbish iteration of Call of Duty or similar, as it has a much more mature way of dealing with the topic of war.
    It took me about 3 weeks to finish, though, which shows how little time I find for playing games these days.

    But, that’s not entirely true, as I also played The Crew 2 in between on its free weekend, and was cruising around the Grand Canyon in a beautiful Aston Martin. But the game was deleted from my console afterwards, as I simply didn’t find it that much fun.

    Oh, and for the first time in my life, I sank as low as buying a not-so-Super Mario game this week (that character gives me the creeps…). But that’s the things you do for your godchild on Christmas…

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