Star Wars Battlefront 2 Easy XP Farming Guide

Get your Trandosh on.

Whether you’re looking to bag every trophy/achievement or simply unlock the best gear for your soldiers, starfighters, and heroes, levelling up in Star Wars Battlefront II can be a proper grind.

Once you start hitting the high 20s, you’ll find that it takes longer and longer to rank up, to the point where you can spends hours hopping from match to match. Well, there’s a much quicker, easier method that was only recently made viable thanks to a 2019 update.

Earlier this year, EA DICE added the option to play Battlefront II in co-op with up to three other team mates. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a trio of buddies to join you there’s an option for matchmaking, too.

What you might not know if that you can earn way more XP in a shorter amount of time by purely focusing on co-op. While it’s not as exciting as playing against real life opponents, it gets the job done while letting you experiment with special units and heroes. It’s also great for hoovering up some of those miscellaneous trophies and achievements that can be a pain in regular matches.

Unless you need to rank 50 ASAP, first we’d recommend that you only play on Wednesday nights (double XP) or keep an eye on the Battlefront II monthly calendar for double/triple XP events.

When selecting co-op, make sure you go for the Separatist faction. Although the droids are admittedly lame, it’s their selection of heroes that you’ll want. Well, one particular anyway. Once you drop into a match and score 4,000 battle points you need to manually respawn and choose Bossk. The big daddy of bounty hunters. The reptilian rifleman.

Even if you’re the last of your squad to hit 4,000, most players prefer the thrill of using the other lightsaber wielding heroes (Darth Maul, Count Dooku, General Grievous). You’ll quickly find that your Trandoshan terminator trumps them all, however.

Bossk’s Relby rifle can be tricky to use but has a high powered charge shot while also being pretty accurate when fired from the hip. It’s his abilities that you really want to lean on with Bossk able to wipe out entire waves of enemy grunts without needing to get his hands dirty.

Deploy your Proximity Mines around capture zones and choke points. These high powered explosives will trigger when enemies stumble too near. Combo these with the Dioxis Grenade for maximum killing potential. The Dioxin gas will continue to deal damage over time and also highlights your foes with a marked silhouette.

Bossk’s Predator Instincts is where it’s really at though. For a short time you’ll unleash hell with a grenade launcher, also gaining thermal vision that can see through the environment. Make sure you time this ability carefully, focusing on clusters of troops instead of picking off one at a time. It’s also a great tool for downing hostile heroes.

After several matches, you’ll begin to unlock Bossk’s Star Cards. There’s no optimum loadout though we chose to amp up the Dioxis Grenades to reach further and last longer while equipping “Multi-Traps” to increase the number of Proximity Mines deployed.

One final tip is to try and focus on certain co-op scenarios. Make sure you’re always on the attacking side as these missions should produce between 45-65k points per run whereas being on the defending side can take longer.

Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be well on your way to hitting rank 50 in no time.

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