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Rainbow Six Siege update 1.80 now live

Ubisoft has rolled out a new title update for its tactical Tom Clancy shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. Patch 1.80 is now live on all platforms – you’ll need to download it in order to access the game’s online features. Expect the update file to weigh in at just under a gigabyte (at least on PlayStation 4).

Check the update history for Rainbow Six Siege and here’s what it says under patch 1.80:

  • Level design fix
  • Animation fix
  • UI fix
  • Gameplay fix
  • Localization fix

Exactly what has changed remains unclear – Ubisoft hasn’t published a breakdown for fans to pore over. Therefore, we can assume these are very minute changes that won’t impact Siege significantly, nor the balancing of its Operators.

If you’ve been keeping up with Rainbow Six news, you’ll be well aware that we’re weeks away from the Six Invitational 20, the shooter’s biggest esports event to date. To celebrate, Ubisofts is currently running a live in-game event dubbed “Road to S.I. 20”. Every weekend leading up to the finals in Montreal, squads can throw down on a new purpose built map called The Stadium. In Siege lore this once abandoned venue has been resurrected with a modular training battleground smack bang in the centre.

The Road to S.I. 20 event also comes tagged with a battle pass. In a nutshell, your in-game progress will feed into a bar, earning you ranks and rewards. If you’re feeling particularly enamoured by Siege you can splurge on a premium pass with more lucrative bonuses waiting to be unlocked.

Whether your a hardcore or casual Operator, you’ll want to tune in for the Year 5 panel on Sunday February 16th (exact time TBA). This is where the team at Ubisoft Montreal will unveil its plans for Rainbow Six Siege in 2020, outlining what players can expect from the game’s fifth year of post-launch content.

What we know for sure is that there will be a much bigger focus on world-building and weaving a storyline into the game. Meanwhile, a recent leak suggests that only 6 Operators will be joining the Rainbow roster in 2020 instead of the usual 8. Guess we’ll find out in a few weeks’ time!

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