Marvel Super War adding Vision as new playable hero

Having officially launched last month comic book MOBA, Marvel Super War, is expanding its roster of playable characters with Vision.

A core member of the Avengers team, Vision has appeared in a number of recent MCU flicks in which he plays a pivotal role against super villains Ultron and Thanos.


He will join a growing list of Marvel comic icons on February 13th according to Super Wars developer NetEase.

Although there isn’t an official in-depth gameplay preview, Vision’s intro video and following description give us some clues as to how he’ll play and slot into a team comp:

“His ability to disregard the physicality of objects as well as the solar gem on his forehead that keeps him empowered during battles make this android Super Hero a reliable teammate and an intimidating enemy.”

Vision appears to be an aggressive attacker who utilises a ranged basic attack and powers to hunt down his enemies. However, what sets him apart from the other Marvel heroes and villains is his ability to phase through barriers, giving him an escape route when cornered. This same super power can also be used to close the gap when chasing down vulnerable targets. It also looks like one or more of Vision’s attacks can also phase through walls and terrain.

He’s the third new character to join Marvel Super War since the game officially launched in January. Previously, NetEase added Doctor Strange as well as The Ancient One.

While the response to Marvel Super War has been mostly positive, the player community has grown impatient due to the lack of a global release. Currently, the MOBA is only available in selected South Asia countries.

Although it’s easy to download and install on your mobile device regardless of country, those outside this region continue to butt against connection issues.

Source: Twitter

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