WandaVision and Ghost Rider come to Marvel Super War

Popular superhero MOBA Marvel Super War has rolled out a double dose of content as part of their January update. Season 5 introduces two WandaVision skins as well as a new playable Marvel icon, Ghost Rider.

Although there have obviously been more devastating consequences linked to the ongoing pandemic, it has also been a trying time for cinemas and moviegoers. The once unstoppable Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone more than a year without adding a film to its huge, star-studded roster, comic fans taking to Disney+ and WandaVision for their MCU fix. Exclusive to Disney’s new streaming service, it stars Scarlet Witch and Vision in a trippy homage to past televisions eras, marking the first of multiple MCU “Phase Four” series.


Marvel Super War includes a new skin for both Scarlet Witch you can see in the trailer below.

Of course, there’s a skin for Vision too, rocking a new black and white appearance.

These kinds of crossover have helped cement Marvel Super War as one of the best MOBAs currently available on mobile devices. That, and the fact it now houses more than 50 Marvel heroes and villains, each with their unique gameplay and abilities. That roster is now even bigger in season 5 with the introduction of Ghost Rider.

The Spirit of Vengeance takes to battlefield with his iconic flaming motorcycle, chain whip in hand. From the gameplay shown above, it looks as though Ghost Rider can alternate between movement types, alternating from on-foot to on-bike, each with their own abilities. Like other existing heroes, Ghost Rider will no doubt receive a growing wardrobe of fancy skins torn from the pages of his long comic book legacy.

Publisher NetEase have expanded the number of territories Marvel Super War is now available in. If you’re still struggling to find it, here’s a handy guide of how to get the game on your device.

Marvel Super War isn’t the only Marvel flavoured MOBA out there. Nick recently reviewed Marvel Realm of Champions – here are some of his thoughts on the game:

Realm of Champions has a lot of good ideas, but it’s currently light on content. There’s the potential to tell a superb tale set within the Marvel universe, but it’s doing nothing with the story at the moment. Hopefully, this can change in time as right now, it’s mostly grinding with no real endgame.

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