GRID Season 2 will bring with it six new cars and new track next week

Codemasters has released a new trailer to highlight what GRID players can expect to get in season two when it arrives on February 12th. On this starting line up will be six new cars as well as a brand new track. Those six cars are track day supercars including the Ferrari FXX, Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro, Brabham BT62, Pagani Zonda Revolucion, Ferrari 599XX Evo, and the Ford GT Heritage Edition. The new track is the Red Bull Ring.

There will be new events and some content will be free for those with standard edition but it will be players with the Ultimate edition that will get all of the content coming in the second season. A few weeks back an update added a public lobbies option to multiplayer. In our review for GRID Stefan wrote:

GRID is an enjoyable racing game for those who want to enjoy some close racing without worrying about camber angles. The market needs games like this to provide light and shade. I was hoping this new GRID would be a fresh start, but it’s last night’s takeaway re-heated. I enjoy leftovers – cold pizza is one of life’s great pleasures – but that doesn’t make the perfect racing game when the rest of the world has moved on.
You can read the entire GRID review here.
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  1. I’ve been waiting for Season 2 to be released and I’m hoping by the time I’ve completed the new events the Around the Globe trophy I need will be completed and I’ll finally get the platinum.

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