Samurai Shodown update 1.60 adds Mina Majikina DLC and has a minor move fix

SNK has released update 1.60 today for its fighter Samurai Shodown and it is not a big patch. It does make Mina Majikina available through DLC but that is the most substantial part. There is also an adjustment to one move which is Galford’s Machine Gun Dog and a note saying there have been other minor fixes though no details have been given as to what those are. You can check out the very brief patch notes below if you are interested in seeing what update 1.60 for Samurai Shodown has brought with it.

  • A new DLC character (MINA MAJIKINA) was added.
  • Fixed other minor issues and features.
  • Galford Machine Gun Dog – Resolved an issue where under certain conditions, KOing an opponent while they’re being hit with Galford’s Machine Gun Dog attack resulted in standing instead of falling over.

In our review for Samurai Shodown Nick wrote:


“Samurai Shodown is a strong entry into the sea of fighters, showing a lot of love for the original series, while also being able to appeal to newcomers. A few niggles aside, people are going to be playing Sam Show for a long time. EVO just got more exciting to watch!”

You can read the full review for Samurai Shodown here. It was last month when SNK confirmed the Season Two characters for Samural Shodown and Mina Majikina is the first of that list. The other confirmed characters include Sogetsu, and Iroha joining the fray. There is also a fourth mystery character to be confirmed for this pass though there is speculation it could be a character from Soul Calibur 6.

Source: SNK  

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