Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to complete Label’s fashion challenge and use the Tailors Ticket reward

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Formerly known by her fashionista nickname Labelle, Label is one of the many characters that can come and visit your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. For this game, she’s put her accessory selling days behind her and is branching out on a quest to build up her own fashion label: Labelle!

When will Label visit your island?

For Label to visit your island, you first need to have helped the Able Sisters store to have opened – head here for the steps needed to do that.

After that point, Label will occasionally appear in the Plaza in front of Resident Services. There’s no set day of the week or routine, but it’ll be difficult to miss her!


Take on Label’s fashion challenge

Label doesn’t have a pop-up shop like someone like Kicks, but is instead looking to build up her own fashion label by sampling trends from across the world. She’ll give you a challenge to match a particular theme, such as outdoors wear, and also hand you an item of clothing to try and incorporate into your outfit.

Just head off and change your outfit, come back and talk to Label again, and well done, you’ve completed the challenge!

Get your fashion event reward

Taking part in Label’s fashion challenge will give you three rewards:

  • You get to keep the item of clothing Label asked you to incorporate in the outfit.
  • You can be gifted a Labelle branded item of clothing or accessory, which seems to depend on how well you performed.
  • Label will also post you a Tailors Ticket coupon for Able Sisters worth 3,000 Bells!

How to use the Tailors Ticket

You’ll receive the coupon for the Able Sisters in the post the next day, which can be redeemed for any item in their store, up to the value of 3,000 Bells.

The best way to use this is with the changing room/catalogue. Here you can browse all of the items in the store and more, with all their different colours available to purchase as well. With a Tailors Ticket coupon from Labelle in your pocket, this will automatically be set to redeem for the first item that you pick, but you don’t have to use it.

As you select items to buy, the first item you select will be marked for use with the ticket. If you don’t want to use it for that, simply move the pointer to that item and press Y to remove the ticket. It will then automatically attach to the next item you pick, so make sure to double check you’re using the ticket for what you want before purchasing your outfit.

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