Maneater, the world’s first open world Shark RPG, gets a launch trailer ahead of its release

Have you ever wanted to play a game where you are the shark? Well, that wait will soon be over as Maneater, the world’s first open world action Shark RPG will be releasing on May 22nd, and to celebrate that fact Deep Silver has released a launch trailer. In the trailer you can see your shark hunt prey, jump out of the water to grab unsuspecting people, and bat away a rocket with its tail to take out a hunter. You know, standard daily life for one of the world’s apex predators.

The full description of Maneater reads:

Set in the unforgiving waters of the southern US Gulf Coast, Maneater finds players fighting to survive in rivers and streams as well as the open ocean, with danger lurking at every depth. Their only tools are their wits, their jaws, and an uncanny ability to evolve as they feed. Anything and everything is on the menu… kill or be killed. In this tale of revenge, players can take on the role of an ever-evolving shark and terrorize the coastal waterways, tearing swimmers and divers limb from limb, giving the humans a reason to fear what lies below. Immersed in a living, breathing world full of threats and rewards, players will have a vast world to explore sunken wrecks, lurk in swamps, or cruise the open ocean looking for their next unsuspecting meal. As your shark evolves customize your maneater to fit YOUR play style. Eat, Grow, Evolve.

Maneater is going to be launched for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. A Switch version is expected later on in the year. The game’s price is set at $39.99 / €39.99 / £34.99.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Erm…. Hungry Shark World?

    • I was thinking the same. There’s nothing quite like it.
      Yes there is. I have it installed on my hard drive.

      I still like the look of this though.

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