Detroit: Become Human Collectors’ Edition announced, includes Kara figure

No it’s not 2018 again, Detroit: Become Human really is getting a Collectors’ Edition over two years after it launched on PlayStation 4. The Collectors’ Edition was announced yesterday during a live stream of some sorts but that appears to be the only place it has been mentioned and I can’t find the stream anywhere so details are very sparse.

Sidenote: If you’re announcing a Collectors’ Edition put it on the news section of your website, might help a bit Quantic Dream.

What we do know is the Collectors’ Edition (yes, weird place for the apostrophe, they’re French, just go with it) is going to come with a 27 cm-tall Kara figure.

Quantic Dream posted the image above on Facebook surprising a lot of people who, like us, had missed the announcement in the stream. It does seem that the figure will only be available in the EU at the moment, but I have no idea if this just for the PC version of they will be re-releasing the PS4 version as well.

Talking of the PC version, that has been updated and now includes community play if you are streaming over Twitch.

At pivotal moments in the game, your viewers will be shown an interactive multiple-choice poll in-stream with 2-4 options and a timer, triggered by the PC version of the game with no action needed from you.

Will the collective be rash or calm? Incendiary or obedient? Find out how your audience wants you to play across more than 150 automatically-triggered polls. Then it’s up to you to take their direction, or controversially go down another path – all while dialoguing with your viewers.

The extension is free to install and use; compatible with PC versions of Detroit: Become Human.

There are also ‘Stream Packs’ that will let you “customize your streams with cool and professionally designed motion graphics, all in Detroit: Become Human or Quantic Dream studio styles.”

Clearly they love PC players more than PlayStation players these days, the traitorous swines.

Source: Facebook

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  1. ‘traitorous swines’ indeed. The original Premium edition for PS4 was rather disappointing.

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