PS4 games certified from July onwards will have to be compatible with PS5

Sony has mandated that from July 13th onward all games that certified by Sony for release on the PS4 will have to be compatible with its next-gen system the PS5. This comes from internal documents seen by Eurogamer and the documents go further on to say that compatibility means that the games will have to run without issue on the PS5, and those certified before July 13th will be encouraged to work with the new console. It makes sense for Sony to mandate this now as it gives developers a bit of time to tweak their games to run on the new hardware as well as making it easier for Sony to boost the PS5’s backwards compatible library and that every mode has to be playable on both consoles, so no PS5 exclusive gameplay features.

Some of those cross-generational games will likely be confirmed on June 4th when Sony holds it PS5 reveal event, and as we get closer to release no doubt we will hear more. There are some rumours that one of the games that will be shown could be Horizon Zero Dawn 2 as earlier today the official Twitter account for the game retweeted the show’s announcement with some cheeky smilies. It has been three years since the launch of the original Horizon Zero Dawn, and Guerrilla Games has been rather quiet about what it is working on. Having launched Killzone Shadow Fall for the PS4’s launch it could be that the team is going to mark the PS5’s launch with the anticipated Horizon Zero Dawn sequel.


While the industry as a whole has been impacted by COVID-19 Sony has confirmed that the PS5 is still on track to be released in Holiday 2020, attempting to allay fears that the console will be delayed until 2021. There has yet been only the one PS5 console exclusive confirmed so far and that is Godfall by Gearbox. However, we also know that Outriders, Fortnite, and Quantum Error will also be on the console.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. Bodes well for games such as Cyberpunk 2077 which should then run natively on PS5 and not in the ‘Pro Legacy mode’

    However I wonder if they will even release a dedicated PS5 version now? Perhaps with higher quality assets etc.

    • That’s not quite what this means. Sony are making it so that games from July are certified to work with the PS5’s backward compatibility. They’ll still run in BC and not completely native, but it’s front loading the BC testing.

      Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox is use Smart Delivery for a free next-gen upgrade. No word yet on if Sony are doing the same, but you’d have to expect they will.

      • Will BC on the PS5 really count as BC in the way we’re used to? Usually, it’s involved including old hardware (the first batch of PS3s) or emulators, or even recompiling the games to download and run (the XBone way).

        The PS5 is really just a much more powerful PS4. It should be running PS4 games exactly the same as on a PS4. The only problems should be if they’ve done anything weird and not officially sanctioned by Sony, or the extra power causes timing problems. The extra testing for new games submitted after July 13 (and for updates to games submitted after that date) just means they’re guaranteed to work. Older games are only “strongly recommended” to work when updated.

        And nothing to stop developers adding PS5 features to PS4 games. Exactly the same situation as with the PS4 getting updates for the Pro. Without any need for some marketing bollocks like “smart delivery”.

        There’s just one little loophole that some publishers might take advantage of. (Clearly EA are going to do it for a start). Sony insist on Pro updates to PS4 games being free. And I’m guessing MS do the same for the One X. We’re going to get in a bit of a mess with some PS5/Series X games getting free updates, and some getting limited-time upgrades or paid upgrades.

        MS might actually have done something good by slapping a fancy name on what we’ve already got. It’s got a name. It’s a feature. People will be expecting publishers to use it. Even if it’s just marketing nonsense for what we’ve already got on the current generation. And then all Sony need to say on Thursday is “The PS5 will run PS4 games, and as you’d expect, developers can update them to take advantage of all the extra power. Like they do with the PS4 Pro”.

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