Here’s how video games companies have taken a stand with the Black Lives Matter movement

With protests raging in the US following the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of police forces, a number of video game companies, organisations and personalities have sought to make their voices heard and add to the calls for police reform and justice for the victims of racism and police brutality.

We too will be adding our support to this today, hitting pause and halting the posting stories across our website from midday. Ahead of this, we’re highlighting the support the video games industry.


In addition, Sony have postponed their PlayStation 5 reveal event that was scheduled to take place on 4th June, citing that they “want to stand back and let more important voices be heard.”

Microsoft and Xbox have taken a similar stance, choosing to highlight the Black and African Americans that work within the company.

EA have postponed the reveal of NFL Madden 21, a game and series with deep ties to American culture and the Black community through the high number of Black American sports stars that feature on its teams. The Black Lives Matter movement was deeply linked to former NFL player Colin Kaepernick and his decision to kneel during the national anthem that precedes each game.

Other major publishers also weighed in, including Activision Blizzard, who has delayed the next season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Mobile, Warner Bros., Bethesda and Ubisoft:

As have a number of game developers. Including Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Riot, Splash Damage



Fortnite streaming personality Ninja had the following to say:

And esports organisations Cloud9 and TSM posted the following:

We expect and hope that more companies will add their support to the #BlackLivesMatter cause in various ways over the coming days, especially with more video game reveal events having been planned for the start of this month. We applaud all those that do take a stand on this matter.

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  1. Of course they will, it’s trending! The free publicity makes them look like angels when they have enough money to do this all year round and not because a tragic murder sets the developed world on fire.
    I hate to say it but racism will exist for a long time. Until our children are educated about equality and their children and so forth. Eventually, hopefully, racism and equality will become topics in a history class.
    But I’ve witnessed it against myself, against the Asian community here in my town, by the Asian community here against a white woman. There are videos online showing black people being beaten and black people beating white shop owners.
    Right now it’s pride month and I’m no expert but pretty sure many are beaten and killed on their sexuality regardless of race! Why is that overshadowed right now?
    Change will happen when Joe Bloggs promotes
    equality through their actions and every other Joe Bloggs does the same. Whilst I imagine there are a handful of legitimate people/companies concerned – the majority are just sharks smelling blood in the waves of opportunity.
    #Blacklivesmatter #Gaylivesmatter #Alllivesmatter #Alllifematters

    • The Call of Duty tweet is a prime example: the first two lines are a soft promotion of the content coming soon, rather than just saying ” we are halting all future content for our games as more important voices need to be heard” they quickly remind you a new and exciting season for your favourite shooter is due soon.
      It’s sick.

      • It’s not the children that need to be educated about equality. Are the police employing kids these days? Are kids becoming president? No, they’re employing racist adults and making ridiculous orange-faced cockwombles president.

        Saying “racism will exist for a long time” is a terrible thing to say. That’s just giving up instead of doing something. And if that something involves getting some free publicity (or not having your existing publicity plans drowned out by all the other shit going on), so what? They’ve just drawn attention to a problem in a useful way. People who might be thinking “I’m not black, it doesn’t affect me” suddenly realise “oh, that thing I like might have some black people involved in it, and perhaps people should stop being quite so racist in future”.

        And it might seem a bit stupid to protest right now. Especially with a virus that seems to be disproportionately affecting the people protesting. Or those people are protesting for. But then if people had decided “hang on, there’s all this other shit going on right now, perhaps wait for that to be over before getting upset over a racist murder”, nothing would ever happen. Or Trump would get elected again and things would get even worse.

        As for pride month, that’s just as important. Especially over the last few years. And held in June because of some riots 51 years ago. (All kicked off 3 days after my partner was born. Just saying. Don’t piss him off). And even more important this year with everything being cancelled. But quietly being erased. There’s been bus companies bringing out their pride bus, as they do every year, and rebranding it to support the NHS. Because apparently they own rainbows now. Some people have been trying to claim the rainbow stairs in Swindon (I don’t quite live there) for the NHS. Just weeks after they were repainted in time for this years (now cancelled) Pride.

        Most people can care about more than one thing at a time. None of which matter more or less than the others. And none of which should ever be allowed to carry on just because it’s always been like that and it’ll be like that for years. Of course it will if nobody does anything about it.

        And if you’re a massive company and can get some publicity out of it as well, who cares? Does doing good only count if you don’t get anything out of it as well?

  2. Our children will be the next presidents, corporate voices, famous people with influence. Many of the offending adults are not likely to change their minds hence it will be around, horrid to say? Maybe. But fact. It is the same with war and conflict, we need to teach our children the values of equality and peace which inturn will push us to a better existence.

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