Wasteland 3 dev diary focuses on choices and consequences

InXile Entertainment has released another developer diary and this one looks at consequences of choices players could face. This was touched upon in the last developer diary where it was shown players could deal with characters in a number of ways which in turn could lead to factions turning against them. In fact the world is always watching the player’s actions and news will travel about what the player has done, with different pathways opening up as a result.


In Wasteland 3 inXile Entertainment is trying to make it so choices are telegraphed for players, and the reactions will be deeper than those found in Wasteland 2. Players will have to make both personal and political choices Those choices include whether to take a gun from someone’s home. There are hundreds of ways choices could line up so inXile has been working hard to make sure all story elements and choices match up so the plot does not get messed up and nonsensical. You can fight anyone in the game but that may close off a whole questline as that person could have been an important quest giver, but other options can then open up.

Wasteland 3 has not been set up to punish players who make decisions that may be deemed wrong or terrible choices but the consequences will play out. Some choices may only have an immediate impact while another may not be fully realised until a lot further in the game. Players will reap what they sow and the ending they get depends on how they play. If you play as someone who kills everyone the ending will probably less happy than where you tried to help people.

Wasteland 3 will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One from August 28th.

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