Godfall teaser trailer introduces the Eclipse weapon

Gearbox and Counterplay Games have released a brand new teaser trailer for the PC and PS5 console exclusive Godfall. The trailer does not show gameplay but does show one of the weapons that players will be able to wield in the looter slasher, and that weapon is the Sunsteel blade called Eclipse. The trailer is not very long and it may be just a glimpse of what we could see at Sony’s PS5 reveal event tomorrow.


Last week, a showcase of Godfall’s Silvermane class, one of the classes that will be in the game. Each class is defined by the Valorplate they wear and each will have their own skills and abilities to use in combat. It has been confirmed that Godfall will not be a cross generational title, so if you were hoping for a PS4 release then you are going to be disappointed.Godfall will offer multiplayer co-op for up to three players as they slash, shoot, and loot their way through gorgeous backdrops.

There are five realms to venture through in Godfall and they have been split between Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit. The gameplay has also been inspired by the Souls series as well as Monster Hunter: World, and aggressive action will be more rewarded so you’re going to have to get stuck in when it comes to battles. On a technical side, Godfall will support raytracing so those environments should pop with detail.

Planned for a release this holiday season, Godfall may well be a launch title for the PlayStation 5. It’s worth pointing out that the game will also be coming to PC at the same time via the Epic Games Store.

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