Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment may be being sold off by AT&T

There are reports coming out that AT&T may be looking to sell of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, aka its gaming division. The organisation owns IPs for Batman, Mortal Kombat, Harry Potter, the LEGO Games, and Middle-Earth games. According to the reports AT&T is looking to sell the division for $4 billion, and it seems Activision, EA, and Take Two Interactive are all in the running to acquire the division which would also give them access to those IPs. None the companies have made a public statement.

It seems that this may be part of a wider push by AT&T to trim its portfolio of assets. AT&T’s incoming CEO John Stankey may be leading this charge as Elliot Management, a hedge fund that invested $3.2 billion into the company, has called for divestment from divisions that are not considered part of the core business. If AT&T is selling the Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment then that will put the future of a lot of games in the air.


We know that Warner Bros Montreal is working on a new Batman game and it was teased before silence descended on the project. It could be that potential sale has meant that Warner Bros Interactive does not want to announce more games in case they do not survive any sale to a new parent company. This situation also puts question marks around the rumoured Harry Potter RPG that is supposedly in development at Avalanche Software which is an arm of Warner Bros. With a new generation on the horizon a lot of companies may be looking to expand their game license portfolios and acquiring Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment would be advantageous for whoever ends up with the licenses.

Source: CNBC

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