Biomutant re-emerges with some new gameplay, but no release date yet

Back in 2017, THQ Nordic revealed a brand new IP called Biomutant in which players could change their character forms based off of different animals. Following on from the announcement there was quite a flurry of news about Biomutant with gameplay trailers dropping regularly through 2018, but then news dried up for a while. Then last August two premium editions of Biomutant were announced, but then silence again. Until now that is. During IGN’s Summer of Gaming THQ Nordic revealed some brand new gameplay to show along with an interview, and you can watch the full thing below.


The Biomutant footage goes into quite a bit of detail about the combat, which looks pretty fast paced from the footage, as well as the crafting options players will have available in order to create items to survive this harsh world. The open world itself looks quite expansive with players being able to explore the land and underwater in different zones, and it seems there will be plenty to do.

Essentially, the game is inspired by kung-fu fables so the melee combat is styled upon martial arts. However, there’s a lot sci-f involved as you change your character’s genetic code meaning their appearance and abilities change. Plus you can traverse the open-world using things like jet-skis, mechs, and hot air balloons.

What is really missing is a release date for Biomutant. The game was originally announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC but with no release date and new consoles on the horizon there may be plans for next-gen release too.

Source: YouTube

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