Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Part II move the sun and moon about and no one noticed

Naughty Dog lighting artists Boon Cotter has revealed a few tricks used to make their game looks so cinematic, namely the sun and moon whizz about the sky and reposition themselves to give the player a more atmospheric experience.

In the later stages of The Last of Us Part II you are heading towards a Ferris Wheel and the moon is directly behind it and moments later you have to swim through icy sea water.

“When you get to the swim section through the truck, I spin the sky/moon around about 90 degrees (and lower it) so that the moon is visible!” tweeted Boon, “I actually pull this kinda shit a lot haha! I like to think no one notices the crazy stuff, just how nice it looks!”

“I move the sun/moon/sky ALL THE TIME,” he added, “My first task was the Uncharted 4 E3 demo, the Madagascar chase. In the market, we flipped the sun 180 degrees when you come out of the office building. No one ever notices :P”

If you’re a big fan of The Last of Us then you’ve likely played through Part II already – maybe multiple times, completing the entire trophy list to earn that shiny PlayStation platinum.

However there will be those who have yet to dive into the sequel, perhaps making their way through the first game or looking for a handy recap of exactly what went down. Although you don’t need to have played the original game to grasp what The Last of Us: Part II is about, having that previous chapter fresh in your mind – as well as its cast of characters – will definitely help elevate your time with Naughty Dog’s latest masterpiece.

It only takes a cursory glance at YouTube to find a shopping list of story recaps and fan theory videos. However, Sony and Naughty Dog have produced something even better – a definitive audio companion to The Last of Us that fans won’t want to miss.

The Last of Us Part II Guides from TheSixthAxis

Imaginatively titled “The Official The Last of Us Podcast” this eight part series of hour long episodes explores the franchise in more depth than ever before. Of course, with this being an official PlayStation production, you can expect commentary and insights from the Naughty Dog team themselves including director Neil Druckmann as well as actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson who play Joel and Ellie.

Hosted by comedian and The Last of Us fanboy Chris Spicer, these meaty episodes are well worth a listen, dropping every Tuesday. The podcast series will run from now until its eight episode which drops on July 28th.

In our review of The Last of Us: Part II we scored the game an unstoppable 10/10 calling it “a remorseless epic”

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  1. Completed it twice and I did NOT notice that!
    For shame Crazy_Del…. for shame!
    Kudos to Boon Cotter and the team. Amazing stuff!

  2. I’m sure his colleagues are pleased that when they were going through crunch time he was pissing about with that.

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