Physics-based co-op platformer Struggling is out now for Switch and PC

Frontier Developments have launched their new external publishing arm, Frontier Foundry, with the release of Struggling, its first game. Struggling is out now for Nintendo Switch and PC, and it’s weird as heck.


Yeah… I’m sure there’s a joke to be made about 2020 right around now…

Struggling is a physics-based puzzle platformer from Chasing Rats Games built with challenging co-op in mind – you can play it solo if you really want. It follows the character of Troy, as it forces its seemingly pain-wracked fleshy form out into the world on a very bizarre adventure.

The co-op lets two players control each of his two arms, using momentum and inertia to swing through the world. But way, there’s more! Troy can mutate and earn new abilities to slow time and dodge fast-moving objects, detach its arms and the graft them onto parts of the environment.

It’s not the only Frontier announcement from tonight though, with the company also revealing that Jurassic World EvolutIon: Complete Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch in November. The company have also expanded from plucky self-publishing with games like Planet Coaster and Elite: Dangerous into other-publishing with Frontier Foundry. Struggling is the first game, but they’ve also revealed a second game called Lemnis Gate. That game is a mind-bending time-loop turn-based FPS, which is about as wacky sci-fi a concept as I think I’ve ever heard.

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