Crash Bandicoot 4’s alternate universe Tawna revealed as a playable character

Toys for Bob have revealed a new playable character for Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Returning from the first game in the long-running platforming series is Crash’s one-time girlfriend Tawna. Kind of.

You see, this isn’t the Tawna from that first game (where she was reduced to just being a damsel in distress) but rather a Tawna from her own universe where she went on to become the hero. Ripped out of this “Tawnaverse” in Crash Bandicoot 4, she gets to share some of the limelight with Crash, Coco and all the others.


Tawna’s been reimagined as a full on action hero, with a spiked leather jacket, a punk hair style with blue stripes and pink leg warmers ripped straight out of the 80s. Playing as her, she has a hook-shot that can be used to grapple and move around quickly, attack enemies and break crates from a distance. She also has a ground-pound attack, spin kicks and an acrobatic wall jump. In other words… she’s a badass.

Tawna joins Dingodile and Neo Cortex as the third new playable character, each of which has their own unique movement style and abilities. Crash has even picked up a few new tricks himself, with the four Quantum Masks giving him a number of new abilities.

The game is set after the events of Crash Bandicoot: Warped, deciding to ignore the continuity of everything that came after the PS1 trilogy. The year is 1998, and Crash is just happily maxing and relaxing on his island when he stumbles upon one of the Quantum Masks that seems to know Crash’s mask friend Aku-Aku! With the four Quantum Masks returning and a bit Quantum Rift appearing, Crash and chums dive in to explore different times and dimensions to stop Neo Cortex, Dr. N. Tropy and Uka Uka, who’ve returned from exile.

While set after Warped, the game will also feature Flashback Tapes, puzzle set prior to the first game while Crash was still in captivity and subject to cruel experiments. You’ll have to find these tapes through the game, being pitched as an extra challenge for players to overcome.

Crash Bandicoot 4 is out on 2nd October, and Activision have announced that digital pre-orders are now live for the game, which (just as with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2) are the only way that you’ll get access to the Crash Bandicoot 4 demo when it’s made available on 16th September. Cool.

Source: PS Blog

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