PS5 pre-orders UK – First batch of PlayStation 5’s are out of stock

Hot on the heels of the PlayStation 5’s launch date and pricing announcement – 19th November and £449 / £359 here in the UK – pre-orders have already quickly started going live and are just as quickly going out of stock. Don’t worry though, while stocks will be limited, there are still some opportunities coming for you to pre-order in the UK.

Update 25/09 09:30AM – After promising fresh batch of pre-orders, these are going live today on 25th September. Please head over to our new page as we try to keep up with which retailers are releasing their stock and when.


Update 12:30PM 18/09 – It seems like all the best hopes for the first batch of pre-orders have been and gone, so we’re going to stop updating this post. At this time, the best shot is to register your interest or set up email notifications, as it’s likely that Sony will try to allocate further stock over the coming weeks and months. 

PS5 Pre-Orders Out of Stock

  • SimplyGames – This has now been confirmed to have occurred on Thursday afternoon for those that registered interest. However, you can still register your interest, with SimplyGames saying they’re hoping to have a second batch of pre-orders made available from Sony.
  • Currys PC World – Pre-orders reopened at midday Stock is only for those that have signed up for email notifications and used the Queue-It system – link here if you want to try, but there’s an implausibly long queue so we’re marking this as OOS. You will require to pay a non-refundable £5 deposit.
  • John Lewis –  Went live at midday on Friday and went out of stock in less than 10 minutes.
  • – Went live at 10:30AM Friday – There’s a slim chance you might be able to get a digital console still, though the site is struggling and all console stock seems to be gone. Email confirmations will take up to two hours to appear for those that did order.
  • Argos – We’re putting Argos in the Out of Stock pile again. Argos pre-orders seemed to be staggered out across the morning, with more becoming available if people were persistent and refreshed the page, but this has seemingly now dried up. While they’re working to secure more, note that full payment will be taken when you place your order.
  • ShopTo – Pages for both versions of PS5 now show that they are out of stock.
  • Amazon UKAmazon UK’s PS5 pre-orders are ‘currently unavailable’, but Amazon’s email encouraged people to keep checking back through the day, but both standard and Digital Edition consoles have been listed and gone out of stock. Accessories will be made available through the day, and while the console may quickly go out of stock.
    If and when Amazon pre-orders return, we heard some people struggled to reach the page on mobile and via their apps. Try Amazon via a desktop or laptop or by requesting the desktop site on your phone. However, Amazon do have DualSense controllers available.
  • AO.comStandard PS5 and PS5 Digital Editions are both now sold out.
  • GAME – Pre-orders went up overnight and are seemingly now out of stock. Check here for any restocks. In-store pre-orders are live from 8AM today, so long as you put down a £10 deposit.
  • Smyths Toys – Pre-orders went up overnight and are seemingly now out of stock for consoles. Some accessories are still available.
  • Very – Very’s pre-orders are out of stock. If they return, then beware: Very takes payment at the time of order, not at the time of dispatch.

Upcoming PS5 Pre-Orders… Maybe?

  • CoolShop – Has a page for the PS5 and lists some accessories and games for pre-order, but no consoles.
  • Carphonewarehouse – Register your interest, nothing on sale.

It’s been a hectic 24 hours for PlayStation fans, with the build up to the PlayStation 5 showcase, the announcement of the console’s price and launch date, a bunch of new game announcements including Final Fantasy XVI,

We also discovered that Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West and Sackboy A Big Adventure are all to be cross-gen releases that come to PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 5. Meanwhile the PlayStation Plus Collection gives a free library of PS4 games for PS Plus subscribers on PS5.

Oh, and next-gen games from Sony are going to get more expensive… Bear that in mind when deciding which version of the PS5 you’re going to get!

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  1. I managed to get a preorder in on Amazon just now. Anyone else taking the plunge?

    • Yep, I’m in too via Amazon!

      I’d feel a little more confident if there was a bit more info in the product info, but it all looks right :)

      • Oh I know, their preorder pages regularly look a big dodgy, let’s hope we get more than just a £450 WiFi hub.

    • I’m out of luck for launch day sadly but i’ve placed a preorder/deposit anyway so hopefully it’ll be restocked quickly.

  2. It’s still a whole 2 months until the thing actual launches. Pre-orders will probably come in and out of stock for the next month, at which point there’ll be plenty of stock. It’s what happened with the PS4.

    So why the rush? Why try and order one when everyone else is doing the same and everything’s falling over and going out of stock and just getting annoying?

    • To be fair Amazon was fairly straightforward, I just tapped refresh for a few minutes. The later release date here is a blessing in disguise, with this easily cancelled preorder I can change my mind last minute.

  3. Amazon have controllers for pre-order now.

  4. Smyths never let me down. Disc version preordered. November 19th incoming!

  5. ps5 standard editions have now all sold out. I got one in my basket but just couldn’t get through checkout in time. Now after payment I’ve got a screen saying ps5 pre order no longer available.

  6. I have until 24th September to confirm my previous pre- order at shopto 6 months ago or it will be freed up for someone else

    Glad I paid that 1 pence back then if today is anything to go by!

    • At the top of your pre-order page on ShopTo it says that when you confirm your pre-order it doesn’t garentee a console for launch day.

      Playstation CEO Jim Ryan has said that there will be more PS5s for launch than there was for the PS4. No numbers mentioned but there were 2.1 million available in the first two weeks worldwide.

      • That’s 2.1 million PS4s in the first 2 weeks, yes? And not really any shortage back then. So if there’s more PS5s available at launch, why’s everyone getting all excited to pre-order them? You’re just doing Sony’s job for them, generating the inevitable “it’s all sold-out!” headlines.

      • You couldn’t get a PS4 for some months after launch in the middle of Europe, so it’ll be interesting to know if they can keep up with demand this time around.

      • Yeah is this another hype-increasing tactic by Sony? Small initial preorder allocations?

        I got the pre-order confirmed btw, and indeed noticed that about not a guarantee – I wonder if all retailers are in the same situation

        Especially as ShopTo are very close to Sony and their official partner retail for Digital etc

  7. Biggest tech retailer in Switzerland was sold out by around lunchtime, guess it’s like that everywhere…

  8. Managed to snag an Amazon UK pre-order earlier today, thanks to the help of the TSA team. ‘View desktop site’ FTW.

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