What We Played #471 – Genshin Impact, Hades & Forza Horizon 4

Another week in the bag, and another step closer to those next-gen consoles we’ve been banging on and on and on about for what feels like forever.

I’ve been whiling away some of that time by digging through my back catalogue a bit, as well as some games off Xbox Game Pass. I’ve got a few hours into Psychonauts for the first time, savoured the chill atmosphere of Lonely Mountains: Downhill, and had my eyes glaze over when looking at the map of stuff to do in Forza Horizon 4.

Aran has also been diving into some older games, checking out Yakuza 4, which he’s immediately preferring to Yakuza 3. Tuffcub’s been “trafficking hos” in Saints Row the Third Remastered, alongside his typical Destiny 2

It’s been a mixed on for Reuben, who’s mostly been playing (and failing) at Hades, but he’s complimented that with Super Mario Galaxy and Genshin Impact. That’s, obviously, alongside the 5.35 content for Final Fantasy XIV.

Steve snagged the platinum trophy in The Last of Us Part II, enjoying the encounters more thanks to skipping past all the cutscenes. Then again, he had turned infinite ammo on! Next on his list is Final Fantasy VII Remake, but keep an eye out for reviews of Pumpkin Jack, Remothered and Amnesia in his spooky review queue.

Gamoc and Nic, kept things a bit quiet, with No Man’s Sky for the former and stolen moments with Genshin Impact, Spinch and Double Pug for the latter (and MTG Arena, of course). Nick P couldn’t manage much better, with just two hours dedicated to Baldur’s Gate 3 and a couple wins in Warzone.

Miguel has been playing more of 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim, some Genshin Impact, a little Fall Guys (got me first one!) and a bunch of Phasmophobia!

And finally, Jim played Moving Out: IRL edition. It went pretty well, aside from managing to put a foot through his TV, for an added… microtransaction? So his gaming has largely been restricted to Final Fantasy VI on mobile, enjoying its battle system so much that he thinks it might be his favourite in the series.

Now then, over to you. What have you been playing this past week?

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  1. I’m amazed No Man’s Sky is still going so strong without charging up the updates!

    More Squadrons for me. I’ve done more of the story which I’ll probably finish this weekend, lots more Fleet Battles too which have become a bit of a farce thanks to the overpowered TIE Bomber. Flying a TIE Bomber is ridiculously fun though, after a couple of weeks of never getting near a capitol ship its hugely satisfying to park up next to the buggers and pummel the bejesus out of them. Not sure how long the novelty will last so hopefully Motive are working on it.

  2. More Bloodborne, defeated Cleric Beast and now farming Yharnam for blood echoes until i get the courage to face Father Gascoigne, after which i’ll be off to Cathedral Ward for even more fun.

    Some more No Man’s Sky for the blissfull chills and also replayed a few levels of Nano Assault Neo for the sheer arcade-y shooty-ness.

    I also made a start on Days Gone, it’s better than i expected although the storytelling seems a bit off. Once i realised i would need to invest more time into it than i planned for i decided to hold off playing more of it – but as there is talk now of a potential 6-week lockdown here in Ireland i may have ample opportunity to play it very soon. :/

  3. A load more HZD. Starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the amount still to do though and I can’t believe it’s taken me until so far into the game to figure out how to get way more carry and ammo capacity. I think my next game though will have to be the most linear of linear experiences before I tackle another open world!

  4. More Genshin Impact, which has got to a grindy point now. Which isn’t a bad thing. Fun fights against various things to get the stuff you need to level up characters.

    And then I decided Star Wars in VR was too good an idea to ignore. And haven’t regretted it. Apart from the story mode having massive progress blocking bugs, which might have been fixed. Not doing too badly either. VR and Hotas is obviously the best way to play though.

  5. Played and Platinum Saint’s Row Re-elected. Forgot how silly and fun that game was xD
    Started Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture yesterday and obtained the Platinum this morning which brings a total of 495…. 4 away to get 499 before the PS5 for 500th xD
    This weekend is Star Wars Squadron and do not know what I wish to play next got sooo many games to chose lol
    Oh I was LVL 709 since the trophy update and I am now 711 :)

  6. After a couple of weekends away, I’ve platinumed Spyro 2 and moved on to Spyro 3. If I thought it odd that he could swim (what happens to the flames?), imagine my mind bending at him being able to skateboard! This doesn’t count as spoiler alerts right?!

  7. Mostly this past week I’ve been playing the odd game of turning my ps4 on, staring at the home screen for a bit then turning it off.

    Gaming is in a bit of an odd place for me right now.

    D2 is my usual time sink, waiting for next season and Beyond Light.

    Genshin Impact has provided me with many hours of entertainment but I’ve reached the point now where there’s nothing to do other log on for 10 minutes for the daily commissions.

    I did try Vampyr, was enjoying it for about an hour then the game crashed and I gave up.

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