Earning PS5 trophies can unlock in-game rewards

Last week, Sony finally gave us an in-depth look at the PlayStation 5’s UI and since then people have been picking the lengthy explainer video apart for more details.

Once interesting tidbit comes from Twitter user Tidux who has dug up some more information about PS5 trophies and the console’s new “activity cards” system.


According to them, PS5 users will be able to redeem in-game rewards when unlocking trophies, a feature that is bound to excite PlayStation trophy hunters out there.

Two images from the PS5 UI reveal show separate trophies for exclusive launch title, Destruction AllStars. Unlocking the bronze trophy titled “Rookie” will reward you with a profile banner item while the gold trophy “Wreckognised” will land you a profile avatar. We assume that both of these are for use in Destruction AllStars as opposed to being a PSN avatar and banner. We’re waiting for official clarification on this via Sony.

As also noted by Tidux, this is similar to how Ubisoft handles rewards via their Uplay extension. This was originally introduced in 2009 with the launch of Assassin’s Creed II giving players in-game bonuses for completing certain trophies and achievements. This has expanded over the years to include daily and weekly challenges with points earned being spendable across most Ubisoft titles.

PS5 trophy rewards is another way Sony can enrich the player’s experience with yet another engaging hook, adding more value to trophies than a simple *ping* noise and notification pop-up. However, just like previously mentioned activity cards, we’re interested in just how well spread this feature will be. Will it only apply to first party games? What will Sony be doing to encourage other games to use its more in-depth set of PS5 features?

We’ve posted a handy breakdown PlayStation 5 user experience for those wanting more info on the main menu, parties, trophies, and more.

The PS5 officially launches next month, arriving in the US and other select territories on November 12th, then everywhere else (including the UK) on November 19th.

Source: Twitter (Tidux) via PSU

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  1. Isn’t that how things have worked ever since trophies were introduced? In a lot of cases, getting a trophy means you’ve done something that earns you some reward in the game.

    Even the Ubisoft trophies often get you some reward, and then make you go through the whole slow process of claiming the extra reward.

    Unless it actually means you can get reward that aren’t in-game for getting a trophy. Which also already happens sometimes anyway. Usually a code for a PS4 theme arrives in an email sometime after you get the Platinum.

    • I think this will be much more interesting if it turns out you earn digital gubbins for your PSN profile. Otherwise yes, it’s exactly how it is now, except that there’s more metadata for the PS5 to show you.

  2. Going to need a bigger HDD

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