What We Played #483 – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Hitman 3 & Monster Hunter Rise

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It’s been a busy old week, which seems strange when you’re not allowed to do anything, but the addition of homeschooling, a return to my university course, and various other treats like a car MOT have meant it hasn’t felt all that different to every other week of adult life. I’ve been playing a bunch of things, but primary amongst them was the Monster Hunter Rise demo. Beyond that, I’ve been playing Warframe and really getting into being a space ninja on PS5, as well as some Breath of the Wild because who needs an excuse to play that?

Nic B got us going with some “more Monster Hunter World while waiting for the Monster Hunter Rise demo.” He’s since posted a photo of his Switch with the demo loaded up and a Monster Hunter mug of tea to sip while he does so. He’s also tried to play Pokémon Go without leaving the house, “which is about as successful as you’d imagine.”

Next up was Aran who’s been playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and No Straight Roads. He’s “Finally cleared most of the first area in England in Valhalla, while I’m having fun listening to the music in No Straight Roads.”

Also on the AC Valhalla boat was Gamoc, who’s enjoying it more now that things have picked up a bit. He says it’s still buggy though.

Steve stopped playing the PS3 Nier “as that was a silly overdoing it idea in preparation for the remake in April. Instead I started and finished Drakengard on PS2 – the real first chapter of the Nier universe… I may have a problem. I also started the polished if by the numbers JRPG Edge of Eternity and began playing the preview of [redacted]. Got some other review stuff to get my teeth into over the weekend safe in the knowledge that the next set of marking looms on Monday.”

Miguel has been playing a lot of Warzone and COD Cold War, with a dash of A Hat in Time. He also sat down and did a bunch of the Animal Crossing holiday event stuff. He also finished Yakuza Like A Dragon but has forgotten what week that was…

Meanwhile, Ade has been playing the porn-sounding old school SHMUP Rigid Force Redux for review as well as Tim Sheinman’s latest Conspiracy! He then told us about his new obsession, “it’s a different kind of gaming I’ve been getting into over the last week: board games. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying the co-op delights of Roll for Adventure as well as the brilliance that is PJ Masks Team of Heroes with the kiddy wink. Both thoroughly recommended as excellent ways to pass an evening if you’re tired of looking at screens.”

Jason has been playing some Rocket League, which is a real shocker. He continued, “I’ve also been playing Dark Souls, which stopped recognising my controller because I was fighting the Bed of Chaos. For the record, Dark Souls 1 is the worst Dark Souls. I’ve also been playing some other stuff, most of which seemed like too much work so I uninstalled it. Oh, and Gunfire Reborn, which is bloody excellent.”

Nick P has been playing a lot of Mortal Kombat 11 this week, as well as the usual bouts of Warzone. He’s also been playing Werewolf: The Apocalypse for review.

And finally we come to Tef who spent an awful lot of his time at the start of the week playing the very excellent Hades, bludgeoning his way through the deepest depths of the Greek underworld trying to escape. “Why did nobody tell me how good this game was?” he presumably joked. More importantly, however, he also played a fair bit of Hitman 3, and was able to tell us all about it in a preview earlier today.

Now then, what about you? What have you played?

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  1. Got the Lego Pirates of the Carribean platinum, lol

  2. Lots of FF7 Remake. At this point, it’s longer than the original game, but that’ll be due to the unnecessary filler material stretching it out far too long. And I’m regretting not starting it on hard to try and give myself any sort of challenge. As a game, it’s actually pretty good though, and looks and sounds great. As a remake of such a classic game? It’s a bit of a disaster.

    Apart from that, more of last week’s stuff. Bit of DEEMO, which has some nice puzzles in between the piano playing. And Doom Eternal, which still has the ability to make me go ewwww when ripping enemies to pieces.

    And Hunt: Showdown, which I’ve upgraded to “criminally overlooked by most people”. Now I’ve got the hang of it, the penalty for dying has gone from “That’s a bit unfair” to “Well, it was my own fault. Better get a new hunter”. Those hellhounds can fuck off though. They’ve caused more deaths than anything else in the game. Well, that and some “incidents” with fire or dynamite. I’ve been playing games for the best part of 40 years. You’d think I would learn by now that red barrels are to be treated with great care and respect and a good distance between them and anything that might set them off. Don’t punch a zombie armed with a flaming torch in the face, fail to kill it, end up on fire and then run into the nearest red barrel.

  3. Still finishing off Far Cry 5 on infamous difficulty for the last trophy as well as working on Uncharted Golden Abyss on Vita, playing on Crushing difficulty after completing it on Hard. Who said men can’t multitask?!
    It’s only taken me 6 years to get back to playing Uncharted after getting distracted the first time!

  4. Completed GodFall a few days ago and have been grinding to get Legendary Gear and farming resources for upgrades on the gear. Hopefully my character will be ready for the Tower Trials. So let’s see what happens.
    Download ManEater from PS Plus and obtained a Platinum last night. That was a crazy fun experience and I loved every minute of it!

  5. I finished playing through Portal and Portal 2 over the last couple of weeks, truly great games! It’s rekindled my hope for some sort of major Half-Life output this decade, all fingers and toes are accordingly crossed again. I also tried a bit of Star Wars The Old Republic since I’d downloaded it from Steam but never started it up, lucky for my family I immediately hated the old-school RPG style and got myself 25GB back.
    One day I’ll start Death Stranding, but it’ll have to be after schools go back. I’m so glad I didn’t buy a PS5 just to spend the rest of the winter watching it gather dust.

  6. More Burnout Paradise Remastered and a bit of NHL 20.

  7. I played excellent Boulder Dash, a game that was miles ahead of its time back then, and some Zork, both on the C64 maxi. Then, I managed to get ‘unstuck’ in Resident Evil HD, which is great, as I really want to finish this classic, before diving into RE2. These left me no time to even switch on my PS5 this week.
    And I realised that I urgently need to sort out my cabling situation, as the PS3, PS4 (including PSVR), PS5 and the C64 compete for the two HDMI slots of my projector, and the audio extractor I got this week made very obvious how unacceptable things have become.

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