King of Seas raises the sail in February on PC and consoles

3D Clouds has confirmed that its action RPG King of Seas will be released on February 18th for PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. The isometric pirate game looks like it has been inspired by classics such as Sid Meier’s Pirates, though with a more arcade like feel to it. While there will be some ship and trade management a lot of the game will be about sailing the seas of this fantasy world and engaging in combat upon the waves. In this RPG players will be able to progress from having a little ship that is not really going to strike fear to massive ones that most likely will.


Nic Reuben had some time with a preview build of King of Seas, and wrote:

There are two approaches to pirate games, but really they’re two sides of the same doubloon. One is all grubby and covered in bloody fingerprints, chronicling all the gritty stabbings, shooting and horrific flesh-eating maladies that sailors face. The other is shined to add a bit off sparkle, strap an adorable parrot to your shoulder and deal with a loveable, Saturday morning cartoon style of piracy. Loveable scamps that might still condemn dozens of merchant ships to a watery grave, but do it in a charming way. King of Seas is very much the second kind. This fantasy world is inviting and sunny, packed with outlandish characters and supernatural intrigue.

Short though my demo was, it really is a pleasant place to spend an afternoon, with all its popping colours, jaunty tunes, and promises of decks to swab and buckles to swash down the line. The ocean is certainly calling, although whether or not this charming pirate adventure can crown itself the King, we’ll have to wait and see.

You can read the full King of Seas preview here.

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