The Division 2 2021 roadmap is a repeat of 2020 – new content planned for late 2021

With question marks over the future of the The Division series, Ubisoft have posted an explanation of what players can expect to see added to the live game in 2021. The bad news is that 2021’s The Division 2 roadmap will be a re-run of 2020’s Year 2 content, but the good news is that the game is not being abandoned. The combined team at Ubisoft Massive and Ubisoft Bucharest are working on new content expected for release in late 2021… maybe.

For the foreseeable future, The Division 2 will be recycling the content from Year 2, so Season 5 will be a re-run of Season 1, featuring the same rewards and collectibles. The upside is that there will still be Leagues and Global Events to take part in, and the game will feature new Apparel Events similar to the Resident Evil 25th Anniversary cross-over event from February. Title Updates will focus on ensuring that the game is healthy on a technical level.


It will be at least half a year before new content is released into the game, with work having only started in earnest in the last few weeks. It’s not clear what form it will take yet, but Ubisoft say that they will be bringing a new game mode to The Division 2 that is new for the franchise. Additionally, they are trying to increase build variety and viability with new agent progression. Players will also be hoping for the start of a new story arc after the divisive conclusion of Year 2.

Ongoing development of The Division 2 is still in the hands of producer Adrian Trasca and associate creative director Yannick Banchereau, but Ubisoft Massive’s resources are being divided between The Division and other projects. It was stated in the last Ubisoft financial call that Massive could handle the workload, despite also leading development on Ubisoft’s recently announced Star Wars video game, as well as the long-in-development Avatar Project. Of course, Ubisoft’s network of studios is able to distribute the development around the world.

The Division 2 will be re-running its 2020 content through 2021.

The major Year 2 expansion arrived in March 2020, taking players back to New York, remixing some of the environments from the iconic first game. We said in our The Division 2: Warlords of New York review:

Warlords of New York is a welcome addition to The Division 2 and it probably marks the most fun I’ve had with the series to date. While some content falls a little flat, each one of the special encounters is a manic and explosive experience that will bring you to the edge of your seat. The quality of life changes, including the refined loot systems, also breathe life back into one of last year’s more enjoyable looter-shooter titles.

The future might still feel uncertain, but for the time being, The Division 2 has recently been given a shot in the arm with Title Update 12.1 adding support for the new consoles and bringing 4K 60fps gaming to the table. it’s allowed Ubisoft to announce that The Division as a franchise has now had over 40 million unique players, emphasising just how big the two games have been for the company. Again, fans will be hoping that success sees a strong plan for the series’ future going forward.

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  1. I recently got back into it and started afresh. Such a good game once you “get it”. I wasn’t really a fan of looter shooters too much so it took me a while.

    Looking forward to the new updates later this year and quite happy that I get to experience the manhunts etc that I missed first time round.

    • Same here, I had a break for almost a year, and maybe will play some of these things, at least it gives me another chance.

      To be honest, I always find it very odd if I buy a game and then can’t play missions which are there, but for some incomprehensible reason cannot be played during some specific weeks of the year. Happened to me in this game with the college missions, and then some week later suddenly they were playable and there was no information about when or why. Come on! Feels like complete bs, and makes me think twice to buy their games next time.

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