Fall Guys Season 4 level Skyline Stumble revealed

While we don’t yet know when Fall Guys Season 4 will get started, Mediatonic has now shown off one of the seven new levels coming with the major update. With a retro-futuristic theme, Skyline Stumble is a new 60-player gauntlet filled with everything you might want from the year 4041.


Gauntlets are obstacle course races to the end, typically featuring at the start of a match of Fall Guys and whittling away the first batch of big, squishy losers. Skyline Stumble embraces the neon-filled future theme with low gravity zones, forcefields, “flippity bippities”, “chonky” buttons and “spicy light swingers”. The Fall Guys team still have their knack for naming things!

Season 4’s theme was revealed in late February, heralding the end of the winter wonderland that is Season 3. While we don’t have a firm release date for Fall Guys Season 4, each season in Fall Guys lasts around two months. Season 1 ran from 8th August to 7th October, Season 2 from 8th October to 14th December, and Season 3 from 15th December through to the present day, making it ever-so-slightly longer than Season 2. Seasons typically have a mid-season update as well, and this was true of Fall Guys mid-season 3.5 update that sought to keep things fresh for players. Hopefully the wait isn’t much longer.

In other big news for the game, developer Mediatonic has just announced that it is being bought up by Epic Games, joining Psyonix in the “big multiplayer games that Epic has just bought up for the hell of it” category. While there won’t be any immediate changes to the game – it will remain on Steam, and isn’t going free to play at the moment – Mediatonic will gradually start to shift the game to include Epic’s various online gaming frameworks, like cross-platform accounts, squad vs. squad modes, and so on.

it was also recently confirmed that Fall Guys is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox in summer 2021, having previously rebuffed rumours on the matter. Having Epic’s frameworks should hopefully help make the jump smoother for the game, as they step out of the timed exclusivity that they seemingly had with PlayStation for its original August 2020 release.

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