Mediatonic say they are working to bring Fall Guys to “every major platform”

Fall Guys was a surprise hit and continues to enthral players with regular new content drops but is only available for PlayStation and PC, Twitter is full of calls for it to come to Xbox, Switch and other platforms.

CEO and co-founder Dave Bailey seems to have confirmed that it will eventually show up, telling GI.Biz “We want it to come to every major platform, and we’re working hard to achieve that.” He also hints that cross-platform play will be enabled, “”We want to come to all the different platforms, and hopefully connect those platforms so people can play together.”


Last week the official Xbox Instagram account stated that smash hit multiplayer scramble Fall Guys was coming to the service but Devolver Digital have quickly refuted this claim. A mobile version of Fall Guys is also in development for the Chinese market and Mediatonic will be closely monitoring how that performs.

The success of the game has meant Mediatonic have been expanding quickly, bringing on new staff to work on the game to satiate the hungry players who demand regular content, “It’s unbelievable how insatiable people’s appetite for content is,” comments Bailey.

The ravenous requirement for more things to do has meant that the current third season will be getting a mid-season update brining a new level, over forty variations on existing levels, and of course some new costumes to dress up your bean.

“We’ve just scratched the surface in terms of what we can do with the game,” adds Baily, “Joe’s original pitch was to create the greatest game show on Earth, and when you think about it in that way, there’s a million different ways we can take this and I hope people will see that come through in future.”

The game has spawned lots of fan art, including the rather amusing animation below.

Source: GI.Biz

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  1. Realistically how long would it take to port a game like that to xbox & switch? It seems like they should’ve been able to release it by now if they weren’t under a secret timed exclusive deal.

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