Empire of Sin comes to Xbox Game Pass this week

Paradox Interactive and Romero Games have confirmed that the crime management sim Empire of Sin will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on March 18th for console and PC, which is this Thursday. The announcement came over the weekend during the Paradox Insider stream, with the news being confirmed approximately halfway through the show. The second confirmation came via the official Empire of Sin Twitter, which tweeted the Game Pass reveal.


Empire of Sin released back in December and it did so with some mixed reviews. In our review for the game, Nic wrote:

I can’t remember having such an unsatisfying experience with a game that I didn’t end up fundamentally disliking, perhaps ever, because Empire of Sin is such a charming, and as I’ve said, ambitious creation. It’s not a bad game, it’s just one that needs more development time to realise its potential.

Empire of Sin is a promising strategy game but one that feels woefully incomplete. I can’t recommend it, but I can recommend following it’s hopeful transition into something genuinely wonderful.

Alongside the announcement that Empire of Sin would be coming to Game Pass, Paradox Interactive also had some other news about other games it has been working on. The company announced that Surviving Mars would get brand new content thanks to a new lead development team in the form of Abstraction Games. Paradox Interactive also confirmed that Stellaris’ Nemesis expansion would be released on April 15th. In Crusader Kings 3 news, Paradox revealed that the Northern Lords Flavor Pack, which will feature new character art, new music, new 3D models, events, decisions and new gameplay elements, will launch on April 16th.

When it comes to Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft recently upped the number of Bethesda games available on the service to 20 following the completed acquisition of the developer. However, not all Bethesda games have made the jump to Game Pass. If you are wondering what is missing and why you can read the article Which Bethesda games aren’t on Xbox Game Pass and why?

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