What We Played #490 – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Fallout 4 & Blind Drive

I’ve continued to spend this week playing a game I’m not allowed to talk about, though I took time away from it for some FIFA 21 on Stadia, so that I could bang on about Stadia some more. I’ve also been playing a little bit more Dirt 5 and I nabbed Overwatch on Xbox so that I can start from scratch all again, though I’ve been constantly annoyed that my unlocks haven’t jumped platforms with me. I’ve had to play all of my main characters with the standard skins! Yuck!

Nick was the first to appear, loving his time through the upbeat adventure of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and dipping his toes regularly into Street Fighter V, Call of Duty: Warzone and Fights in Tight Spaces.

Playing a different COD was Aran, who blasted through the Black Ops Cold War campaign, as well as Black Legend for review, while Gamoc added some BOCW multiplayer to round out the COD trifecta, and added Far Cry 4 and Days Gone into the mix.

We played a lot of Call of Duty this week!

Jim dove into Crash Bandicoot N. Sant Trilogy to replay Crash Bandicoot 2 – “Such a great trio of remakes – want to wrap them up so I can try out Crash 4 on PS5!” He’s also been enjoying some Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath, continuing to enjoy the crazy story the game has cooked up.

Jason informed me that he’s been working out, and then he said something rude about games that I won’t be repeating. I’m sure he didn’t mean it, because he’s been playing loads of Apex Legends, Rocket League, and Nioh 2. He also told us, “I keep dipping in and out of Barotrauma too, which is fun, but I find it far more entertaining when I’m killing off my friends, and I don’t think that’s very helpful.”

Ade’s had a week of weird games, playing a game with his ears, Blind Drive, for review, and Space Cats Tactics for preview, saying that it was “a game that has more cat-related puns than I could mentally process”.

Steve has mostly been playing the “excellent” Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order which was exactly what he wanted from a Star Wars game. “It felt like a natural successor to the Jedi Knight and Force Unleashed games,” he enthused. He continued, “Would have gone for 100% but the map is a bit too unwieldy to try and hunt those last few collectables. Alongside that I’ve been plodding through some more Loop Hero (the perfect game to play whilst catching up on TV), played through the interesting Lust for Darkness ready for the newly released sequel (and thinking about games and their depiction of sex) and explored some fantastic free games on Steam. Recommend checking out Press Any Button, Tadpole Tales and Rogue Glitch for some excellent gaming for nowt (can write a blog on those if that appeals…) I also started Savior’s Gang on PS4 which is silly meme stuff but the frame rate is utterly abysmal.”

Jedi: Fallen Order was almost exactly what Steve wanted from a Star Wars game.

Miguel mostly just played his regular multiplayer stuff like Apex Legends and COD Warzone. He says, “the new Fortnite season started so I’m also messing around a bit with that. I tried out Hollow Knight for the first time, boss fights are fun but it isn’t really hooking me yet, don’t know if I’ll end up continuing much with it.”

Meanwhile Thomas has played lots of CarX Drift Racing Online, telling us “it’s an old racing game that lets you tandem drift with friends. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve also been diving into Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity after a friend got it me for my birthday. It’s made me want to see more developers work with the Zelda license if I’m honest.”

Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2 obviously, but he also took a shot at Watch Dogs Legion for about twenty minutes, “which was more than enough. Loading screens every ten seconds, sweary computers, looks terrible compared to Valhalla, and they butchered London so the roads are not in the right places. No thank you!”

Tef spent a lot of time staring at frame rates in Fallout 4.

Finally, Tef has dipped into a motley assortment of games. He checked out Fallout 4 on Xbox Series X to see how FPS Boost has affected things, playing a mixture of Halo 5 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection multiplayer while clips were rendering (and getting rather muddled with controller layout changes). He also decided to finally play Wolfenstein: The New Order, enjoying the action and rediscovering that the 2014 game actually runs at a slick 1080p60fps from the base Xbox One! Lastly, a quick dip into Taxi Chaos revealed how shallow a Crazy Taxi mimic it is.

And so, it falls to you to tell us what you’ve played!

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  1. Been playing alot! Had a few games of Warzone with only 2 wins recently. Got Remnant Platinum on Sunday or was it Monday? Then GodFall had a patch that fixes the trophy that prevented my Platinum and boom Godfall Platinum! And on the same day I uploaded Avengers save and booted up the PS5 and got an Instant Platinum! Happy Days. I am halfway to getting Control Platinum so I reckon I will get that tonight :)
    Oh and helped a friend getting his Battlefield V Platinum yesterday. So all in all Thursday was a good day of gaming for me haha.

  2. More of the same this week, mostly. More of AC Valhalla, which I’m enjoying. Some Remnant, which is reasonably fun, although the boss fights so far are “grind a bit more and come back when you can deal with this bullet sponge without getting bored”.

    And nearly done with 13 Sentinels. Which is an amazing feat of story telling. All sorts of random stuff happening, and somehow not confusing, and now it’s all coming together for the end.

    Plus various things reminded me of stuff I’d never quite finished. The Outer Worlds, even though it’s not that long. Might go back and finish off a bit more stuff there now I’ve finished the main story. And got the dumb ending. (Those “dumb” dialogue options are quite entertaining).

    And Horizon Zero Dawn, which I’d got bored of before. Looks great, and now even better with a new TV. But lacked focus and had too much crap spread all over the map. And Aloy is just annoying. On the other hand, it looks nice and has Lance Reddick’s instantly recognisable voice.

    Oh, and Moose Life. How did a Jeff Minter game sneak out without me knowing about it? It’s the most Jeff Mintery thing ever. Strap on your fancy hat and then get utterly confused as to what’s going on while your eyeballs melt from having all the pixels thrown at them. All I know is that collecting sheepies is good.

  3. Well as it was asserted last week that Mass Effect Andromeda was “sh1t” I figured I’d give it a go and see for myself, thereby getting all the bioware disappointment over in one hit… and actually I’ve been really enjoying it!

    Ok yeah it is pretty buggy and rough around the edges but the story is way more engaging than DA:I and I feel like I’m progressing quite nicely… got the first planet to 80% viability and now moving on to the next.

  4. Destiny 2 where, to my shame, I have only just found the TSA clan. Being a casual player at a power level of only 1269 though I’m not sure how many of the clan activities I’ll be able to usefully contribute to. Tips for fast levelling up welcome. :-)

  5. Steam tells me that I have reached the 3000 hour mark in Dota 2… eek!

    I’m curious to know what other people’s most played game is?

    • I continued playing through the best games of all time, which mostly are on C64, so this week I played Fort Apocalypse. It’s pure joy to play this after so many years, it’s a game I kept dreaming of for decades it’s that good.

      On the less exciting, modern systems, I played some more Hollow Knight, Division 2, and overhyped Fortnite. My son wanted to play it co-op/split-screen, so we did that. That probably most of the opponents at the start are bots makes it quite accessible in comparison to other shooters, but also a little too easy, if you end up winning or almost winning most matches. It’s a bit the opposite of Warzone, and the ideal would be somewhere in between.

    • Oops, that wasn’t really meant as an answer to you… 😉

    • Nothing like that! Last time I looked I’d put in over 125 hours in Bad Company 2 MP, and I think my Blops2 MP time was close to that too but they’re definitely the most I’ve ever done, at least thats tracked.

      • Great game, Bad Company 2 had such a great single player and online! I wish they made another one, or at least gave us some remasters.

    • Just found out the wrap-up is not available any longer…
      Mine was Division 2 in 2020.

  6. More of the same for me too, this week. Far Cry 3, which I’m about half way through and hoping to finish off this weekend, if I’m lucky, maybe next weekend if not and Everybody’s Golf vita. I just need the “trick shots” like a hole in one and some of the crowns, which is far easier said than done! I have been close though and I did manage to get the ball to skip across water so I’m hopeful the stars will align at some point!

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