Fall Guys Season 4 patch notes – squad mode, new levels and tons of bug fixes explained

Fall Guys Season 4 starts later today, mixing things up with a new retro-futuristic theme, adding new game modes and ways of playing, and squashing an awful lot of bugs along the way.


The biggest new features are a Squads mode, letting you play as a squad of four players, in which your progress is shared across all four players – if one of you claims victory in the final round, you all win.

To help with that there’s a few new round types:

  • Squad Race – Score points for your squad by crossing the finish line, he higher your position, the more points you earn! The lowest scoring Squads get eliminated.
  • Squad Survival – Score points for your squad by staying out of the slime. The lowest scoring teams get eliminated.

There’s also new daily challenges, to earn bundles of Fame and new Crown Shards. Crown Shards are earned through Challenges and Squads and can be converted into crowns at a cost of 60 shards.

The new game modes and levels are:

And then there’s all of the bug fixes and tweaks to the game announced last week, which should make the game more enjoyable and sturdy.

  • Beans are sturdier. No more ragdolling when another bean breaths in your direction or brushes past you in mid-air
  • Fixed some ragdolling and excessive jumping issues in some rounds. For example, endless ragdolling in Hex-A-Gone after colliding with another bean
  • Fixed errors related to ledge-climbing in some levels like Wall Guys, such as sweat animations failing to play, and inability to climb a ledge when a flipper is present
  • Increased physics performance for distant players, leading to an overall smoother experience
  • Improved character behaviour when carrying objects around
  • Post-elimination flow: you can now quit at any time after being eliminated, no more waiting for the next round to load
  • Fixed text displaying that 40 players are needed to start a game on playlists with restricted numbers (I.E Hex-a-Gone Trials)
  • Fixed 16/15 eliminated showing on Thin Ice
  • Fixed the Qualified element not reducing in value when a player is eliminated during Slime Climb
  • Fall Mountain will now spawn players in a single line so no one is at a disadvantage
  • Improved victory moment and flow at the end of episode
  • Reduced network traffic usage which should alleviate some of the latency-related issues
  • Fixed Fall Guy clipping through the yellow conveyor belt section and getting stuck on Slime Climb
  • Improved hoops scoring reliability and fixed cases such as scores failing to update on Ski Fall
  • Fixed visual post-processing issues in certain cases like spectating or rotating the camera at some angles
  • Fixed Fall Guy respawning twice on the platform next to the mountain peak after falling into the abyss on Freezy Peak
  • Fixed invisible Hex-A-Gone tiles in both spectator mode and during normal play
  • Fixed multiple players respawning in the same spot on Ski Fall
  • Fixed post-processing flickering and missing Fall Guys X-Ray outline when a player grabs a carriable object within close proximity to a wall
  • Fixed poor performance in the Outfits menu when browsing with many items available
  • Fixed flickering clouds on Perfect Match
  • Fixed disqualification on Door Dash after players yeet over the finish line into oblivion
  • Fixed camera pivoting backwards after a user has respawned in Knight Fever
  • Fixed Checkpoint not triggering in Tundra Run if a Fall Guy is punched high enough into the air
  • Fixed number of players qualifying exceeding the qualification limit in all race-type Rounds
  • Fixed invisible mid-air collisions when a Fall Guy hit by the flippers during Knight Fever
  • Fixed Fall Guy with equipped costume showing as the default bean during an episode
  • PS4: Fixed the blurred surrounding area of a Fall Guy on PS4 Pro
  • PS4: Fixed memory issues on Base PS4 when opening the customiser with all cosmetics unlocked
  • PS4: improved performance and stability in the menus and on certain rounds
  • PC: Fixed ‘Back’ and ‘Random’ buttons not working in the Customiser menus with the mouse

All of that will be available today on PS4 and PC, but if you were hoping to play the game on another platform, you’ll have a couple more seasons to wait. it was recently confirmed that Fall Guys is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox in summer 2021, having previously rebuffed rumours on the matter. It certainly seems like there was a timed exclusivity with PlayStation for its original August 2020 release.

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