Monster Hunter Rise – Rhenoplos Egg location for Side Quest

How to unlock the stunning Dizzybloom Dango.

In Monster Hunter Rise you will occasionally be approached by the residents of Kamura Village who come forward with specific requests. It’s worth paying attentions to these as many will unlock useful items and upgrades upon completion. You can track these by popping open the “Side Quest” menu to see which one are still pending.

One villager with frequent tasks for hunters is Yomogi, the Bunny Dango chef. As we explain in our Bunny Dango guide, there are plenty of new recipes to unlock, each one tagged with perks and bonuses such as improved weapon sharpening speed and even the chance for additional carves and rewards.

Not long after discovering Sandy Plains, the third area in Monster Hunter Rise, Yomogi will give hunters a side quest called “Bunny Dango — With Eggs!” which will require you track down a rare Rhenoplos Egg.

If you’ve been scratching your head searching for a Rhenoplos Egg than we’ve got you covered.

Where to find a Rhenoplos Egg?

The easiest place to find a Rhenoplos Egg is in the Sandy Planes, Area 11. The egg nest is right in the centre of this location, as shown in the screenshot below, and is surrounded by a number of smaller monsters.

Sandy Planes, Area 11, is one of the best places to find Rhenoplos eggs.

As Monster Hunter fans will know all too well, retrieving eggs and other larger objects such as precious ore can be an absolute pain. If struck by a monster while carrying a Rhenoplos Egg it will break and you will need to run back to fetch another. There’s nothing more annoying than having your delicate cargo swiped just metres away from the safety of your base camp!

Thankfully, Capcom has made eggs easier to transport in Monster Hunter Rise. As in World, your egg won’t break if you jump down from a ledge, but on top of that you can use the Wirebug to zip up walls. It depletes your stamina bar much quicker, but is a faster option when making a beeline for your camp. Once there, walk towards the item box and press A to drop off your Rhenoplos Egg.

Unlocking the Dizzybloom Dango

As promised, Yomogi will have a new Bunny Dango recipe waiting for you upon returning to Kamura Village. In exchange for the Rhenoplos Egg you’ll unlock the Dizzybloom which comes attached with a Dango power-up called Dango Slugger. This will “make it easier to stun monsters” so is definitely one for Hammer and Hunting Horn mains. Combining this with the Slugger armour skill and some well-placed weapon swings should help you become a K.O. king in Monster Hunter Rise!

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