Outriders inventory wipe prevention patch is out now – invisible items fix detailed

A new patch for Outriders is out now across all platforms to fix the inventory wipe bugs that have plagued the game for the last week or two. The update is available across Steam, Epic, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and should prevent inventories of players from being wiped going forward.

People Can Fly have now turned their attention to restoring the inventories of affected players – “[it] is still our highest priority” they say – but the patch will prevent the issue from continuing to occur and affect more players. The inventory restoration process will be run on their server database and does not require another patch. More details of how and when this will take place will be coming soon, but they will be waiting to see that the patch has actually done what they think it will first.


There is one (very big) caveat to this good news: it might look like everything has gone horribly wrong and inventory items may appear invisible for a short amount of time. People Can Fly advice the following:

  • With this new patch, some players may occasionally encounter multiplayer connectivity issues followed by inventory items being momentarily invisible. This is a known and only temporary behaviour that is part of our three-step inventory safeguarding measures.
    • Restarting your game or waiting a few minutes and then restarting your game should make your items appear again.
  • We aim to address the occurrence of these edge cases in a future patch.
  • For any affected characters currently encountering a “Couldn’t Connect to Server”: these characters will have their inventories returned and they will become fully playable again as soon as our restoration process has completed.
  • If you do encounter a wipe that occurs after installing the patch and is not resolved following a game restart, please immediately report this in this Edge Case sub-thread.

It’s been a rough ride for Outriders since its launch a few weeks ago. The game was plagued with server issues at launch, which needlessly impacted the single player experience, as you must be online in order to play even on your own – it’s dumb and developers and publishers should stop with this nonsense.

As soon as that was fixed and PCF thought they could move on with some thank you cosmetics for people’s patience… it all went wrong again with this inventory loss issue.

Hopefully there aren’t any more technical issues around the corner, because there’s a decent looter shooter to be played. In our Outriders review, Jim said:

Outriders juggles some truly captivating ideas for the looter shooter genre, yet fails to deftly execute them. While it succeeds in combining traditional third person shooting with rewarding dungeon crawling, its messy matchmaking, repetitive mission design, and a dull sci-fi story hold People Can Fly back from delivering to their fullest potential.

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