Outriders Pyromancer class guide: best skill builds & combinations

The best Pyromancer skills, builds, and tactics.

If you’re able to successfully wrestle with the game’s servers at launch, then you’ve likely discovered that Outriders has some amazing depth for its four main class builds.

Upon completing the introduction, setting up the story to come on Enoch, then you can choose one of four paths. The Pyromancer is fairly self-explanatory: you can control fire, marking targets or enveloping them in waves of flame.


Surprisingly, the Pyromancer best feels the mode of a support class, and it can be tricky to play solo. Here’s everything you need to know about it, including some helpful suggestions.

Outriders Pyromancer class overview

The Pyromancer doesn’t have a ton of skills that will do an instantly massive amount of damage. Instead, it focuses on area of effect attacks, or offensive maneuvers that will leech an enemy’s health over time.

As a class trait, you’ll get a 10% anomaly power bonus. Using any of your skills on an enemy will mark them, and killing marked enemies will restore 24% of your maximum health.

Given that the Pyromancer doesn’t have the health or high-damage attacks of other classes, it’s best in the midrange. It’s good to pair with friends, as your drain or area of effect attacks are an excellent boost to damage.

Outriders Pyromancer class skill tree

There are three paths that you can take down a Pyromancer’s skill tree: Ash Breaker, Fire Storm, and Tempest. Here’s a basic breakdown of each one.

  • Ash Breaker: Skills are focused on increasing damage to marked enemies.
  • Fire Storm: Increases damage for flame effect, skills, and anomaly powers.
  • Tempest: Increases in max health and defense, health restoration. This does come at the cost of some damage reduction.

It’s possible to spec into each skill tree, depending on how much time you want to pour into the game. This is more viable if you’re playing with friends, as there’s more leeway. Solo players should stick to one skill tree. Of the three, Ash Breaker is the weakest, and should only be chosen if you want to go full-on support. Fire Storm will yield the greatest damage per second builds, while Tempest can make you a glutton for punishment.

Outriders Pyromancer Anomaly Abilities

As with the other classes, the Pyromancer has eight Anomaly Abilities to choose from. You can only have three equipped at one time, so choose wisely.

  • Heatwave: Summons flames that race across the ground in a straight line. It will hit any enemy on its path and inflict them with the Burn status effect (Level 1).
  • Feed the Flames: You select an enemy to pull towards you, causing damage, leeching health, and inflicting Ash (Level 3).
  • Thermal Bomb: The Pyromancer punches the ground and sends a stream of volcanic energy to a single enemy, inducing a Burn effect and dealing damage. If the enemy is killed at any point in this process, it’ll explode (Level 4).
  • Overheat: Deals a small amount of damage to any enemies within a large radius. If an enemy had the Burn effect beforehand, then the amount of damage that it takes from Overheat will be significantly increased (Level 6).
  • Volcanic Rounds: Basically imbues ammunition in an equipped magazine with the properties of fire. Enemies already afflicted with Burn will take extra damage (Level 9).
  • Ash Blast: Sends out a wave of ash centered around the Pyromancer. Anyone in the path is frozen in place for a short while (Level 13).
  • F.A.S.E.R. Beam: Fires a beam that deals damage equal to 125% of status power. Inflicts Burn and Interrupts enemy’s skill. Enemies in a small radius around you will also take damage (Level 17).
  • Eruption: You can literally create a volcano under a selected enemy, inflicting a massive amount of damage. Also hurts enemies in a small radius around the target (Level 22).

Outriders Pyromancer best skill builds and combinations

For the Pyromancer, the Burn effect is considered “marking” an enemy. Therefore, any Anomaly Abilities that inflict Burn — like Heatwave or F.A.S.E.R. Beam — would be great to pair with the Ash Breaker skill tree.

If you’re aiming for DPS, then pair the Fire Storm skill tree with abilities like Heatwave and Thermal Bomb, which are both available very early on.

Finally, the Tempest works with each Anomaly Ability, but it can increase the effectiveness of Heat Absorption, providing a boon to the amount of health recovered.

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