Outriders Techomancer class guide: best skill builds & combinations

The best Technomancer skills, builds, and tactics.

I should begin this guide with one qualification: the Technomancer class is not recommended for those wanting to ride solo in Outriders.

It is the quintessential support class, with external healing abilities and damage best dealt far, far away from the battle. The health pool and armour classes are low, in comparison with the other classes.


While a sniper-like approach is viable for some portions of the mission, traversing through Outriders on a high World Tier would be nigh impossible with the Technomancer. All that said, it’s still an incredibly viable class, and extremely fun for those that just want to be a good friend.

Outriders Technomancer class Overview

The Technomancer’s healing capabilities — both internal and external — are unmatched. That’s not to say it’s without its fair share of usefulness in an actual combat scenario.

As a Technomancer, any long range weapons you wield will deal 15% more damage. Life leeches tied to both skills and weapons are boosted by 15%.

If you like sniping and stealing life force (very specific as niches go), then the Technomancer is the class for you.

Outriders Technomancer class skill tree

Playing as the Technomancer, you’ll have three skill trees that you can spend points on: Pestilence, Tech Shaman, and Demolisher.

  • Pestilence: Increases the damage output for decay skills, as well as sniper rifles and assault rifles.
  • Tech Shaman: Enhances abilities that deal indirect damage, as well as healing capabilities.
  • Demolisher: Provides comprehensive buffs and bonuses, though not as strong as the other two trees.

The Demolisher skill tree is best suited for those that can’t necessarily make up their mind on the right path. Think of it as a “Jack of all trades” type path.

Outriders Technomancer Abilities

There are eight abilities that you can unlock throughout the course of Outriders for the Technomancer class. You can only have three equipped at one time, so making that choice depends on your preferred way to play the game.

The Technomancer specializes in creating weaponry from the surrounding environment. You can also poison people, if the art of creation isn’t satisfying enough.

  • Scrapnel: An explosive device that you can either throw or drop on the ground as a proximity mine. Damages all targets in the immediate vicinity of the burst (Level 1).
  • Cryo Turret: Essentially drops a sentry turret next to the player that shoots freezing bullets. Enemies that have been tagged by the bullets are slowed down (Level 3).
  • Pain Launcher: You summon a missile launcher that shoots a sizable silo forward in a straight line (Level 4).
  • Blighted Rounds: Imbue the ammunition in your current clip with poison. Enemies hit with those bullets will get the Toxic status effect. Those in a small radius will also be affected, and they’ll take 50% of the damage (Level 6).
  • Tool of Destruction: Conjure either a rocket launcher or a minigun. Both last until you exhaust all the ammo, or switch weapons (Level 9).
  • Fixing Wave: The only ability that allows you to heal allies. Can also repair any turrets that you’ve dropped. Distance does not matter, and it will provide health to every friendly asset (Level 13).
  • Cold Snap: Smash a gadget into the ground, freezing all the surrounding targets (Level 17).
  • Blighted Turret: Shoots a stream of what appears to be bile. Deals damage and inflicts Toxic upon any enemies that it hits (Level 22).

Outriders Technomancer best skill builds and combinations

If you want to play alone, then I highly suggest that you go down the Pestilence skill tree. The Technomancer already gets a natural boost to sniper rifle and assault rifle damage, and Pestilence cranks that up even more. Combining that with Toxic damage from the Blighted Turret or Blighted Rounds is a fairly lethal combination, and the highest damage per second this class can muster.

Those playing with friends should go with the Tech Shaman. If your buddies are playing other classes, they can handle more active damage. Going down the Tech Shaman line will yield improvements to healing from Fixing Wave. It will also increase the power of the Blighted and Cryo Turrets.
The Demolisher, as mentioned above, works with just about anything.

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