Outriders Devastator class guide: best skill builds & combinations

The best Devastator skills, builds, and tactics.

If you like getting up close and personal with the enemy, then Outriders’ Devastator class is for you. Of the four available classes available to players coming out of the Outriders prologue, this is the closest you’ll get to a raw tank class.

While your friends dance around the battlefield, you can absorb damage like a sponge. The Devastator can tank through enemies without so much as a scratch with the right build. Combine that with certain skills and abilities that either negate damage entirely, or restore health, and you might gain a sense of immortality.


Here’s everything you need to know about the Outriders Devastator class, including some helpful suggestions.

Outriders Devastator class overview

As a Devastator, you’ll be a big, beefy tank with powers centered around the manipulation of earth and gravity.

Its class traits reflect that. Devastators will gain a 15% max health bonus and a 30% armor bonus. Additionally, any enemies that die at close range, regardless of who killed them, will restore 24% of your maximum health.

As such, and unsurprisingly so, the Devastator is best used at close range, paired with a weapon like a submachine gun or a shotgun.

Outriders Devastator class skill tree

Playing as the Devastator, you’ll have three different skill trees that you can go down: Vanquisher, Warden, and Seismic Shifter. Here’s an overview of each.

  • Vanquisher: Bonuses to effectiveness of close range weapons, like shotguns and submachine guns. Enhances melee and other up-close attacks.
  • Warden: Bonuses to health, armor class, and resistances to negative status effects. Buffs protection powers.
  • Seismic Shifter: Focuses on boosting damage output from Seismic skills and special abilities.

Interestingly, the Seismic Shifter benefits those that prefer a more hands off approach. It provides boons to abilities that cause damage over time. The Vanquisher and Warden skill trees are more apt for tank gameplay.

Outriders Devastator Abilities

There are eight abilities that you can unlock throughout the course of Outriders for the Devastator class. You can only have three equipped at one time, so making that choice depends on your preferred way to play the game.

  • Earthquake: The Devastator punches the ground, rupturing it in a cone pattern directly ahead. Damages and knocks back any enemies that are in the path (Level 1).
  • Golem: Creates an extra layer of armor with rock ripped from the ground. Over a period of eight seconds, it will negate 65% of incoming damage (Level 3).
  • Gravity Leap: Turn into a mass of rocks and leap high into the air. From there, you can select an enemy or a point on the ground to crash down upon (Level 4).
  • Reflect Bullets: Create an energy field that suspends incoming bullets in the middle of the air. After 10 seconds, that damage is reflected back at the enemies (Level 6).
  • Impale: Select an enemy to deal damage to and inflict Bleed. If it’s lethal, then said enemy will get impaled by a spike made of rocks (Level 9).
  • Tremor: A ground pound of sorts, it will create a small series of explosions in a medium radius around you. Each explosion will deal damage and drain health from nearby enemies (Level 13).
  • Boulderdash: You cast your weapons aside and charge, head down, in a straight line, shoulder checking anything in your path. The move concludes with you smashing the ground, damaging enemies in a small radius (Level 17).
  • Endless Mass: You can choose a target to encase completely in stone, dragging in other nearby enemies. After a short period, the stone obelisk will explode, dealing damage to anything nearby (Level 22).

Outriders Devastator best skill builds and combinations

I found during my playthrough that pairing the Endless Mass ability with the Vanquisher skill can create some massive damage chains. Either shoot the newly clumped up enemies with a shotgun, or use one of the Devastator’s wide melee attacks to easily defeat large swaths of the opposition.

The Warden skill tree will benefit those that enjoy the Reflect Bullets or Golem abilities. It will slightly increase the amount of damage that reflected ammunition does, and it extends the durability when Golem is activated.

As for Seismic Shifter, speccing in this skill tree will allow you to get the most out of abilities like Earthquake or Tremor– which is particularly useful for clearing crowds.

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