Outriders Trickster class guide: best skill builds & combinations

The best Trickster skills, builds, and tactics.

Do you like messing with the laws of space and time? Does teleporting around a battlefield sound appealing to you?

Then the Outriders Trickster class is the perfect choice. While the other classes on Enoch mess with more tangible materials like earth, fire, or (checks notes) blight, the Trickster can bend the fabric of reality itself. You can open rifts to easily get the jump on enemies, or bend time to slow them down.


Here’s everything you need to know about the Outriders Trickster class, including some helpful suggestions.

Outriders Trickster class overview

The Trickster employs a variety of melee weapons, so it operates best at close range. You can use your abilities to quickly get out of harm’s way.

If you do happen to get in a sticky situation, though, the Trickster’s class traits should help. It gains 5% damage mitigation when a shield is active and a 5% boost to max health. Additionally, any close range kills net 20% restoration of max health and 12% shield boost.

Given the Trickster’s close range nature, akimbo pistols, submachine guns, or shotguns should be the weapons of choice here.

Outriders Trickster class skill tree

Playing as the Trickster, you’ll have three different skill trees that you can go down: Assassin, Harbinger, and Reaver. Here’s an overview of each.

  • Assassin: Focuses on boosts to close range weapons and damage dealt while moving.
  • Harbinger: Places a priority on health and shield regeneration, and mitigates the impact of some status effects.
  • Reaver: Increases damage dealt as the result of activating an ability and boosts any health leach.

As with each class, the Trickster has a skill tree that doesn’t fit the stereotypical playstyle in the Harbinger line. It foregoes the quick, nimble attacks for a more tanky build, bulking health and regeneration.

Outriders Trickster abilities

There are eight abilities that you can unlock throughout the course of Outriders for the Trickster class. You can only have three equipped at one time, so making that choice depends on your preferred way to play the game.

  • Temporal Blade: Use a blade of temporal energy to slice a swath in front of you, damaging and inflicting Slow on each target (Level 1).
  • Slow Trap: Create a spacetime Anomaly that inflicts Slow on enemies. Projectiles encased in the dome will also slow down (Level 3).
  • Hunt the Prey: Teleport behind a specific enemy. Doing this will also grant a shield bonus (Level 4).
  • Twisted Rounds: Infuses your current clip with bullets that deal a lot more damage to enemies (Level 6).
  • Cyclone Slice: Generate Anomaly blades that spin around you and deal damage to nearby enemies for a short duration (Level 9).
  • Borrowed Time: Receive a full shield and mark that exact location. In a span of 28 seconds, activating the ability again will teleport you back to the originally marked spot (Level 13).
  • Venator’s Knife: Choose a specific enemy and throw a Temporal knife. It will bounce between a maximum of five surrounding foes, dealing damage and inflicting Slow (Level 17).
  • Time Rift: Create a shockwave that suspends a large amount of enemies in the air, making them completely vulnerable for 3.5 seconds. Also afflicts Weakness (Level 22).

Outriders Trickster best skill builds and combinations

Given that the Trickster doesn’t deal in a type of environmental damage, it lacks in unique combinations. The Reaver skill tree is best for those that want to play around with abilities like Vanator’s Knife, Cyclone Slice, Twisted Rounds, or Temporal Blade. I found that Twisted Rounds — an already massive damage boost — seriously benefits from the Reaver skill tree.

The Assassin is a good skill path to consider with the Trickster’s class traits. Comboing powerful shotgun blasts while manoeuvring around can create a substantial pool for health and shield regeneration.

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