Call of Duty Warzone 1.35 update nerfs Sykov, fixes snipers & more

Today has brought a new update Call of Duty: Warzone, bringing the Activision battle royale shooter to version 1.35. The update has been rolled out across all available platforms – you’ll need to download and install this latest patch in order to drop into a game.


Warzone update 1.35 comes days before Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War kicks off the eagerly anticipated Season 3, adding new Warzone weapons and events while also promising some major changes to the current Verdansk battleground. As with past seasons, Season 3 will come with its own pass loaded with unlockable rewards.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the Cold War Season 3 hype, let’s drill a little deeper into these Warzone 1.35 patch notes, shall we? The key highlights here are the Sykov nerf, sniper scope fixes, and the removal of the RC-XD from buying stations.

Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare? Which Call of Duty is better?

If you haven’t dropped into Warzone over the past week you, the new Sykov handgun may have slipped under your UAV. Upon being added to both Modern Warfare and Warzone, there was an immediate backlash (no surprise) with the weapon having received a nerf – the community verdict is that the Sykov (coupled with the akimbo perk) was too OP due to its sheer damage output which has been tweaked, as outlined below.

Warzone Update 1.35 Patch Notes


  • The RC-XD has been removed from Buy Stations and is now only available via Containment Monitors.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to equip Armor Plates after activating certain Killstreaks or Field Upgrades.
  • The Containment Protocol missiles will no longer land in the Play Area.
  • The Containment Protocol missiles have had their sound effects volume reduced.
  • Fixed a bug causing Loadout Drops to block movement and projectiles after the crate collapses.
  • King Slayer Trios – The Gas Circle will no longer move completely outside of the Play Area.


  • The Swatt Master Blueprint now correctly displays the Electric Dismemberment icon.


  • Fixed a bug with the Modern Warfare Sniper Scope and Variable Zoom Scope where they were not displaying glint.
  • Fixed a bug with Modern Warfare weapon perks where they were not having their intended effects.
  • Fixed a bug with the Bullseye Reticle where it would sometimes cause frame rate issues or the disappearance of UI elements.
  • Sorokin 140mm Auto (Sykov)
    • Hip spread increased
  • Akimbo (Sykov)
    • Movement speed reduced by 5%
  • 80 Round Drums (Sykov)
    • Movement speed reduced by 5%
    • ADS movement speed reduced by 7%
  • When equipping the Sykov with the Sorokin 140mm Auto and the 80 Round Drums, damage is reduced by 25%.

Warzone continues to be a juggernaut for publisher Activision and it will be interesting to see how the game grows and mutates over 2021, especially with rumours hinting that this year’s Call of Duty (dubbed “Vanguard”) may be returning to World War II.

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