Let’s Build A Zoo announced for PC and console, gameplay footage released

Publisher No More Robots has announced a new zoo sim game called Let’s Build A Zoo, and it is being developed by Springloaded. It has been confirmed that Let’s Build A Zoo will be released on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and Switch. To mark the announcement two videos have been released. First off there is the reveal trailer and then second there is the nine minute gameplay video that looks at just some of the 300,000 animals. That is not a typo.


The question on your mind is how can Let’s Build A Zoo have over 300,000 animals. Well, let’s just say at this zoo the animal gene splicing policy is very open. Do you want to put together the genes of an owl and a crocodile? Well, somehow against the very laws of nature you can. That is just one of the vast number of combinations that you can pair together. Who knows how a peacock and a panda might turn out? Well, should you play Let’s Build A Zoo you will find out.

Outside of animal gene splicing, players will have to take care of the everyday issues the zoo faces. That will include hiring the right staff to deal with the animals, keep the guests happy and entertained, and also deal with all the events that will happen as the zoo grows. A release date for Let’s Build A Zoo is yet to be confirmed but it is due this summer.

Source: Twitter


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