What We Played #498 – Resident Evil Village, Mass Effect & Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Gosh! It’s Friday again already? In the never-ending whirlwind of life, it’s nice to discover you’re back on the welcoming shore of a fresh, untouched weekend, ready to spend as much of it as possible in your pyjamas. I’ve been having a hectic time of it the last week, but that hasn’t stopped me playing Biomutant for review, as well as some excellent Monster Hunter Rise with the two Nic(k)s. I’ve also dipped into Knights of San Francisco, Returnal and Overwatch too.

Steve has played the fan-service-full Star Wars Pinball VR on Quest “which is cool” – though, the Steam release is apparently “borked”. He continues, “I have also been working through the fantastic Resident Evil Village. I love that it feels like a first person version of 4 rather than retreading the style of 7. Deliberately playing it in small doses like a luxury food that you don’t want to stuff all in one go.

“To cleanse the palate after the bloody delights of Ethan Winters’ adventures I have returned to Infamous 2 via PSNow. The streaming holds up pretty well as long as I avoid times when the kids are hammering the bandwidth. Finally, I’ve dabbled with some retro stuff as I check out my pile of consoles that I’m getting rid of to get a shiny Quest 2.”

Nic B has played RE Village from start to finish. He says, “It’s an excellent game, with all the right hallmarks of RE4, which is the unequivocally best game in the franchise. I’m also approaching the lofty goal of Rank 20 in Pokémon Go’s PvP, and have been playing [embargoed] for [redacted]. Review to come!” Tuffcub has of course been playing Destiny 2, despite the new season bringing a bunch of problems with it.

Gareth has played Hood: Outlaws and Legends for review, Marvel’s Avengers for fun, and Prototype for nostalgia. “I loved Prototype and its sequel on PS3 so I picked the PS4 ‘remasters’ up on sale. They look exactly the same, but higher resolution and smoother. Still fun though. I want Prototype 3.”

Nick P’s week has been dominated by Mass Effect Legendary Edition which you can read the review in progress of here. “I also may have started playing Fortnite, for my sins. And I maybe possibly might be enjoying it.” Meanwhile Miguel has been doing more Nier Replicant, a bunch of Apex Legends, and played “a very silly” indie game called Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion.

Finally, Tef has mostly been playing Returnal, and trying to figure out what he needs to do to get to the secret ending. He also continued his irregular Halo 2 co-op play through, saying, “Some of those missions feel really looooooooooooong”

Now, what have you played?

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  1. Finished Breath of the Wild. Did the main story, all the shrines, etc.. then about half of the side quests and 200 of the korok seeds. It was ok. Nowhere near my favourite Zelda game though. 7/10.

    Now I’m just waiting for Mario Golf in June. Got another baby due next week, so that’ll be keeping me busy for the foreseeable!

  2. Got the Resident Evil Village Platinum ^^
    That Mercenaries Mode was kicking my ass!
    Also got Subnautica Platinum and will nab it again on the PS5 with a free upgrade ^^
    Finally just 2 trophies away from Zombie Army 4 Platinum :)
    Will grind that one out over the weekend I reckon lol.

  3. Decided to switch things up and try Fe and Unravel on EA Play. Soon got hacked off with the Unravel controls though so switched to Fe and have gotten on better with that but now I’m stuck trying to figure out how to get eggs from creatures and it’s not obvious what I need to do. I like the idea of these smaller indie titles but I think a combination of tiredness and years of being hand held by most AAA games has ruined my ability to play/tolerate them…

  4. I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 still. Literally just finished the main campaign, I’ve done most of the side missions and the challenges apart from a couple. I just need to work on the DLC and level up a few times so I’ll be working on getting the plat/100% this weekend. Doubt I’ll finish it this weekend (there’s a lot of DLC) but I’ll be making progress!

  5. I got myself a Switch Lite this week, I feel stupid saying it but I’m very surprised by how light the console is! I’ve played an hour of Mario Kart and my wife has played about 5 hours of Sonic Mania… maybe I should start again. I got my wife a Switch Lite this week.

  6. I’ve not played much this week, just did some more Division 2 stuff to proceed with the manhunt track. Somehow, I feel like I need a break from gaming …
    So, I treated myself to a month of Disney+, as I got tired of downloading all that stuff (there’s always these annoying Codec problems, etc). I can only highly recommend WandaVision, it’s got an excellent first half of the series, and it’s a must see for all Marvel Fans. And all others won’t understand what’s going on anyway.

  7. This week I’ve completed Resident Evil Village twice, just started up Assassins Creed Valhalla Wrath of the Druids to get lost again into the game world and brought myself SnowRunner after hearing some great things about it from some friends so will check that out today.

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