Download issues continue to affect Nintendo Switch owners after system update 12.0.3

Nintendo Switch owners are continuing to report issues and errors that are preventing them from downloading games and updates from the Nintendo eShop, ever since the release of system software update 12.0.3 last week.

Affected users attempting to download games and updates are confronted by error code 2123-1502, the game they’er trying to download branded by a blinking ‘x’ mark. You can attempt to retry the download, but this is just as likely to fail.


Nintendo has not publicly acknowledged the issue through their regular channels, but they have issued a troubleshooting page for this specific error code, which includes trying to download again, restarting the console, switching the DNS on your internet connection, and a few other basic steps.

However, in our experience, and in the experience of many online, that doesn’t resolve the issue, and certainly not permanently.

Users have suggested the following steps on Reddit:

  • Repeatedly retry the download
  • Hitting “Download Options” in the download pop-up box before it can throw an error message at you
  • Change your DNS settings to Google’s DNS ( and in Settings > Internet > Internet Settings > [your network] > Change Settings > DNS Settings. Set this to ‘Manual’ and input the custom DNS.
  • Reset the Switch’s network cache in Settings > System> Formatting Options > Clear Cache (this will force you to log in to the eShop next time you try to use it, but does not affect game data)
  • I personally had success clearing the cache, turning off the Switch and removing the SD card, turning back on and re-inserting the SD card.

The issues started with the release of a seemingly minor system update to version 12.0.3. A flurry of initial problems with downloads saw Nintendo pause the update’s roll out, but they resumed shortly afterward. Unfortunately, the issues have not gone away since then.

Hopefully Nintendo can resolve this issue sooner rather than later. It’s really quite annoying not being able to download a game you’ve bought…

Are you affected by this issue? Let us know in the comments below and, if you have any, the superstitious steps you go through to get things working again.

Source: Reddit

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  1. Yep I have this issue but yet to find a fix. Strangely, it only affects certain games on my Switch… I was able to download and update Animal Crossing but Toejam and Earl refuses outright.

  2. Yeah, getting this downloading the Skate City update. Assumed it was just a problem with the game, so kinda glad it’s console wide, as there’s a better chance of it getting fixed sharpish. Will try some of these tips too and report back.

    • Did nothing and it worked this morning.

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