Aloy, Drake, Kratos and more join the UEFA Champions League in this new promo

UEFA PlayStation drake kratos
UEFA PlayStation drake kratos

Sony are official sponsors of the UEFA Champions League and have released a new promotional video which shows PlayStation favourites joining in a match. Kratos and Atreus join the starting line up, Aloy offers tactical advice, and Ratchet & Clank are on medical duties.

We also get to see Nathan Drake climbing up the side of the football stadium. It’s been a very long time since Drake featured in a Sony promotion, we last saw in him a game in 2016, but the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves remaster is coming to PS5 and PC early next year which explains why the wisecracking hero is back on the promotional trail.


Check out the video below.

Sony’s new “Seize the Throne” initiative begins today. Inspired by the superb Play Has No Limits live action ad which debuted back in September, Seize the Throne will give PlayStation fans the chance to win a limited edition PS5 console among other prizes.

Here’s where you can sign up. Make sure you have selected the correct region or you won’t be able to successfully enrol with your PSN ID.

The PlayStation community will work together to earn points that will in turn unlock rewards including exclusive PSN avatars and a specially-made theme.

Each online activity has a points score as shown below. Simply playing a game will net you a small bundle of points, though there’s a clear emphasis here on encouraging players to earn trophies. Sony is also keen to get PSN users sharing screenshots and video clips online, either sharing them with friends on PS4 and PS5 or linking their account to social networks to show off their gaming skills and photo mode captures.

PlayStation Player Activities Number of Points
Play any game of Player’s choosing 10
Play any game of Player’s choosing with another Player 15
Use Share feature 5
Obtain Bronze Trophy 5
Obtain Silver Trophy 10
Obtain Gold Trophy 20
Obtain five (5) trophies in a single game 25

But wait, there’s more! Aside from the community challenges, there’s an even bigger competition on the way.

On November 17, 2021, Sony will be posting three “skill-based” questions on the Seize the Throne website. The participants who are closest to the correct answer for each question will bag themselves some serious swag. This includes the aforementioned PS5 console, as well as King’s PlayStation Shapes Ring Set, and a Pulse 3D Headset (which also comes with a PSN gift card).

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