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Nintendo’s Indie World showcase has wrapped, showcasing a whole host of indie games, both big and small. Let’s dive into all the new announcements for Nintendo Switch, most coming out in 2022, but some hot-dropping onto the Nintendo eShop today!

Let’s dive in to all the announcements.


Sea of Stars – Holiday 2022

Coming from the developer behind The Messengers, Sea of Stars is set in the same narrative universe, but delves into the style of classic RPGs. You’ll play as a Lunar Monk and a Solar Blade Dancer combining their abilities to create Eclipse magic, the only thing that you can use to fight back the monsters from the Fleshmancer in turn-based combat.

This is a retro styled RPG, but has modern flourishes like dynamic lighting and music from legendary composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

Aliisha – The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses – Spring 2022

An intriguing adventure and console exclusive designed to take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con, so you can play solo or co-op. You play as twin sisters Aisha and Lisha with contrasting abilities to get through the challenges it presents to you, with different endings to uncover.

Locomotive – Summer 2022

Set on a 1930s express train, there’s been a murder and you have to solve it in this point & click comedy adventure. The problem? You’re playing as a lawyer, amateur detective and undercover agent, all of whom are fingered as possible suspects. Prove their innocence and solve the case of who really dunnit.

Afterlove EP – Summer 2022

From the makers of Coffee Talk and What Come After, Afterlove EP follows Rama, a musician struggling to overcome the death of his girlfriend. With her voice still guiding him in his head, this visual novel, rhythm game adventure mashup features multiple endings to uncover as you help Rama move on.

Dungeon Munchies – Out later today!

A side-scrolling action platformer where you’re brought back from the dead and sent off by the undead necrochef Simmer to hunt down monsters, cook and eat them. How else are you going to earn new monster abilitie?

Figment 2: Creed Valley – February 2022, Demo available today

A sequel to the musical puzzle adventure, Figment 2 is set in a human mind that’s beset by nightmares. Battle your way through the darkness and take part in some symphonic showdowns against bosses.

Let’s Play! Oink Games – Out today!

A timed console exclusive for Nintendo Switch, this features four digital versions of the Oink games Deep Sea Adventure, Startups, Fake Artist Goes to New York and Moon Adventure. It features both local and online multiplayer options.

Endling: Extinction Is Forever – Spring 2022

A potentially heart-wrenching adventure in which you guide the last mother fox trying to herd her three fox cubs through a world devastated by humans to the last safe haven away from their influence. You’ll have to be stealthy, avoid dangers, and fend for your cubs, hunting other animals and teaching them skills to make them more likely to survive. How well you do will determine how many of your cubs survive.

OlliOlli World – 8th February 2022

A totally rad new take on the great side-scrolling skateboarding of OlliOlli, you’ll be carving a path through Radlandia, wallriding, taking multiple paths and creating new routes that you can share with your friends.

River City Girls 2 – Summer 2022

A sequel to the beat ’em up revival, this game follows directly on from that game with new moves, new items, branching paths and both local and online multiplayer.

Omori – Spring 2022 for Nintendo Switch

The acclaimed indie RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch. In our review, we said, “Nostalgic, lovingly crafted, moving, and surprising, Omori is a remarkable achievement. Earthbound and Undertale are easy comparisons, but Omori stands out as it’s own, highly personal piece of storytelling.”

And there was a grab bag of rapid-fire announcements as well:

Parkasaurus – Spring 2022
Don’t Starve Together – Spring 2022
Chicory: A Colorful Tale – Available today!
Baby Storm – 21st January 2022
GRIME – Summer 2022
Gerda: A Flame in Winter – 2022
Timelie – Out today!
Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery – Spring 2022

Phew! Quite a lot of games were featured. Did any take your fancy?

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