Wii Sports is coming back with Nintendo Switch Sports!

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The sports game collection that made the Nintendo Wii a cultural phenomenon is making a comeback: Nintendo Switch Sports will come to Nintendo Switch on 29th April 2022.


The game bundles together six video game adaptations of real world sports, all using Joy-Con waggle controls, like it’s 2007 all over again. The games are Tennis, Bowling and Chambara returning from the Wii original, but that’s joined by new sports Football (which has a giant football to make it playable with handheld Joy-Con), Badminton and Volleyball.

A seventh sport, Golf, will be added to the collection in a free update in the autumn.

The game will include local multiplayer, such as for Volleyball where you can serve and spike together. There will also be online multiplayer with skill-based matchmaking.

To test the online multiplayer, Nintendo will be holding a time-limited online playtest from 19th-20th February. This will include Bowling, Chambara and Tennis only, and will also feature only random matchmaking.

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