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These Ghost of Tsushima Legends tips will help you get off to the best start in this samurai-flavoured multiplayer spinoff. Learn about what each class does, how gear works, and more.

In Ghost of Tsushima Legends, you and up to three other adventurers can tackle a host of challenges, showcasing your skills as one of four playable classes. These include the Hunter, Assassin, Ronin, and Samurai, each with their own unique abilities.


This is is a fun and fairly meaty add-on though one that can also be fairly challenging, especially in those first few online battles. Therefore, we’ve put together a handy list of Ghost of Tsushima Legends tips and tricks to help.

1. Choose your class

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends has four classes at launch, each with their own unique abilities and techniques. They all share the same combat, stealth, and traversal gameplay but are geared towards specific roles. The Samurai is a reliable melee fighter whereas The Hunter excels at ranged combat. The best stealth class is The Assassin while The Ronin fills more of a support role, able to heal and revive their teammates.

You can only choose one class to begin with, unlocking others as you steadily earn experience and rise through the ranks. There is no “best” class though we’d opt for either the Samurai or Ronin to start out as the other two require more precision to use effectively.

2. Understanding the game loop

In Ghost of Tsushima: Legends you start off with two ways to play – the wave-based Survival mode for up to four players and the story-driven Legends which is designed to be experienced in pairs.

Your ultimate goal in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is to replay missions, earning experience points, gear, and resources as you do so. Your overall power level – or “Ki” – is determined by the gear you have equipped and will unlock new activities and difficulty tiers as the numbers go up.

We’d recommend focusing on one character first, raising your Ki to access endgame content and readying yourself for future challenges. Thankfully, all characters share the same inventory though you’ll still need to increase their XP rank if you wish to unlock their individual techniques.

3. Complete side objectives

All modes in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends feature side objectives that allow you to aim for bonus resources and loot drops. In Legends missions you can hunt for Oni treasures and lost scrolls as well as surviving Gyozen’s curse to earn these extra rewards.

Meanwhile, Survival mode will present you and the other players with team challenges such as getting a certain number of air assassinations or headshot kills within a time limit. These can be fairly tricky depending on your loadout so coordination is key.

4. How to heal

Constantly finding yourself with little to no health? It might be worth checking if you have the recommended Ki before entering a match as higher level enemies will be way more lethal and harder to kill.

Two ways to restore your health (regardless of class) are the healing drums and offerings found throughout each map. You can only use them once so don’t waste them, especially when triggering drums – these are designed to be healing zones for your entire team.

You can also equip a healing flask, one of the available blessings in Survival being a health regen ability. Some class powers can also be modified to have a healing effect with the Ronin being Ghost of Tsushima’s medic.

5. Finding the best Gear

You will always earn gear that is level appropriate when playing Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. So, if you’re playing a gold tier mission then don’t worry about picking up useless, underpowered items.

However, the best loadout in Legends will depend on your chosen class and personal playstyle. Samurai players will want gear stats that increase their defence and melee renown gains while Ronin may want to amp up their healing and crowd control effects.

You can dismantle any unwanted gear to earn Essence, Honor, and Blessings. These currencies can be spent to reroll stats and perks on gear, giving you the chance to turn undesirable loot into something that slots perfectly into your loadout.

6. Bombs or bows?

I have to admit that I rarely used bombs when playing as Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima’s singleplayer story. Here in Legends, however, they easily outrank the bow as the co-op mode’s best ranged weapon.

Whether up close or from afar, they can stun enemies while dealing a decent amount of damage. What makes them particularly lethal is their blast radius, hitting multiple targets at once without requiring precision aiming. Note that bombs are initially locked to the Ronin class though some bombs can be modified to make them usable by Assassins too.

7. Survival Mode tips & tricks

Here we have some extra tips and tricks for those playing Survival mode. Firstly, in order to squeeze as many points and rewards from each match you’ll want to cover all three control zones. It’s easy to develop tunnel vision and focus on where the first wave of enemies spawn at the beginning of a round. However, you need to pay close attention to when red flares light up the sky, signalling another patrol and one that typically rushes towards an unguarded control point.

To keep the hordes at bay you need to traverse the map as quickly as possible. This is where your grappling hook comes in handy, allowing you to zip between areas of the battlefield, as long as you know where to look, memorising the fastest routes possible.

What’s next for Ghost of Tsushima?

During the downtime in between rounds you should be looking for explosive red barrels. Carry these and drop them in the centre of a capture zone or, even better, place them at chokepoints. When these go boom they deal out huge damage with a wide radius. Be careful not to waste them on early rounds.

Finally, try to optimise your team composition. Having four Assassins or four Hunters will ensure a high damage output though you’ll lack substantive crowd control or healing.

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