Ghost of Tsushima Legends – how to survive Gyozen’s Curse

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What is Gyozen’s Curse? If you’ve been playing Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, then you may have noticed the trio of bonus challenges attached to each of co-op mode’s two-player story missions.

In order to squeeze as many rewards out of each Legends run you’ll need to complete the same three optional objectives (only available on silver tier difficulty or higher). These include finding one of Gyozen’s lost scrolls, recovering an Oni Treasure, and surviving Gyozen’s Curse.


Even after completing all of the Legends missions, there’s a chance you might have missed how to trigger Gyozen’s Curse. This quick guide will explain exactly what the curse is and how you can overcome it to earn some extra loot while playing Ghost of Tsushima online.

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If you’ve been playing Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (or wandering the island as Jin Sakai) you’ll have likely encountered Gyozen the storyteller. He serves as your gateway between the solo and co-op modes the game has to offer, recounting tales of demon scourges and ancient battles. Here’s a fun bit of trivia – he’s voiced by Greg Baldwin who many will recognise as Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

How to survive Gyozen’s Curse

First, you need to know how to trigger Gyozen’s Curse – this isn’t made very clear in-game and is easy to miss. Each story mission is split into three stages separated by portal-like torii gates. As you pass through them, it prompts a kind of interactive loading screen as you walk down a corridor and through another gate.

Once per mission you’ll find two shrines next to this second gate. You can activate them (this requires two players) to activate Gyozen’s Curse. But what does it do?

The curse will create a bond between you and your partner, slowly draining your health if you move too far apart. Additionally, if one of you respawns then the curse will fail. So, in order to survive Gyozen’s Curse you will need to complete one area while it’s active, co-ordinating with your ally and making sure you don’t get separated during those tougher combat encounters.

It adds an extra layer of challenge though the pay-off isn’t all that great. At the mission complete screen you’ll earn some extra Blessing – Legends most valuable currency. If you’re regularly modifying gear and re-rolling stats then the extra Blessing will help with this.

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