Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp delayed indefinitely

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Nintendo has announced that the Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp remake for Nintendo Switch has been delayed, doing so out of respect for recent world events. Previously intended for an 8th April launch, no new date has been given at this time.


The world situation they’re referring to is, obviously, the Russian invasion of Ukraine which has raged for the past two weeks and has no clear end in sight. Releasing a war game at this time clearly isn’t the best look, even if it’s one with cartoony graphics, such as Advance Wars.

It’s curious for Nintendo to take such a stance at this point when they’ve seemingly had the decision over whether or not to continue conducting business within Russia has been taken out of their hands. The Nintendo eShop in Russia is no longer working for new purchases because there’s no payment handling possible, throwing up errors on the eShop.

Re-Boot Camp is a full remake of Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, taking the first two Game Boy Advance titles from the long-running series and remaking them in full 3D graphics. You will have both single player campaigns, as COs Andy, Max, Sami and more take on dangerous missions. All of the characters now have full voice acting, and there’s some quality of life improvements, like fast forwarding the action and resetting turns. There’s also new modes like the high score chasing War Room, custom maps in Design Room, and both local and online multiplayer.

This was one of several nice surprises from Nintendo’s E3 2021 showcase, considering that the franchise has fallen by the wayside since Fire Emblem’s resurgence and popularity over the past decade. Originally expected in late 2021, Nintendo pushed the remake back to early 2022 to give its developers a bit more time to polish and refine the game on Nintendo Switch. I expect that the game is effectively finished at this time, but Nintendo are shelving the release for a more peaceful time.

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  1. Game series might be cursed, the release of the original game was delayed in Europe and Japan. It released in the US on time, September 10th 2001. Then the 9/11 attacks and subsequent war followed, and the worldwide release was further delayed.

    Got it eventually though, and it’s still probably my favourite ever strategy game

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