PDXCON 2022 returns as a physical fan event in September

Paradox Interactive’s PDXCON fan fest will return as a physical event this year, running from 2nd to 3rd September 2022 in Stockholm. It will feature an array of exclusive activities and hands on opportunities for anticipated games like Victoria 3, as well as no doubt featuring a handful of big game announcements.


Tickets are now on sale at the PDXCON website.

PDXCON 2022 will return to Stockholm, Paradox Interactive’s hometown, after last year’s all-digital PDXCON Remixed event. While PDXCON has bounced between various world cities in the past – 2019’s event was in Berlin – the company has held PDXCON in Sweden’s capital on several occasions, and it makes sense to do so while there’s still even a modicum of uncertainty around travel and pesky viruses.

This year’s PDXCON will include the anticipated grand strategy game Victoria 3, which was finally confirmed to be in development last year after what feels like a decade of memes. Players will be able to go hands on with Victoria 3, but it’s not the only highlight.for fans, with musical performances of Paradox soundtracks, a large live-action “megagame” that’s been designed for PDXCON an other activities.

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PDXCON’s return to physical events follows in the footsteps of others like WASD, EGX, PAX and Gamescom – not E3, though, because that’s cancelled for this year – as the perceived danger of the pandemic has lessened and widespread vaccination programmes have run over the past 12 months.

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