What We Played #578 – More Pokémon, God of War: Ragnarök & MW2

COD Warzone 2 header

Black Friday’s often quite a strange one for me. I spend so much time looking up and then writing up all the best deals that I can find, but then not buying anything for myself. I mean… I already have an Xbox Series S and I don’t need another one, even if that is a pretty good price cut!

Outside of the deal hunting shenanigans, which Charlie Brooker might argue is a kind of video game, I’ve recently been playing OlliOlli World’s second and final zen-state DLC, I got to dip into Deliver Us Mars as well, and some games that you’ll hear about in the next few weeks.

Deliver Us Mars Climbing

Having polished off a Yakuza game last week, Aran got going with Cyberpunk 2077 this week. “I’m not really gelling with it at the moment,” he said. :It looks fantastic but the world is lacking atmosphere. Plus I’m not a fan of the menu interface either. I’ll keep plugging at it, and see if I’ll stick”

It was more and more and more Midnight Suns for Nick P, who’s closing in on our review for the game, but he still snuck in a little Modern Warfare 2 and Dead by Daylight. Gamoc also got a little MW2 online in, but he’s also made a start on GunGrave Gore for a review, and enjoyed the start of Chorus.

God of War Ragnarok Preview Thor

Ade mixed Alienation – “’tis a game of kings!” – with God of War: Ragnarok, which he is still absolutely loving. Steve loved Ragnarok so much that he’s already snagged the platinum trophy! “Maybe a little overlong but so full of heart and incredible setpieces. It’ll be many of the quiet moments of dialogue that will stick with me.”

It was “So. Much. Pokémon” for Nic B, who played more Pokémon Scarlet than is probably healthy. He did find a little downtime away from the Switch though, so he played Pokémon Go. Of course…

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Auto Battle

Last but not least, a turkey-stuffed Miguel popped by after celebrating Thanksgiving to let us know what he’s played:

Am i late? Oh well!! This week ive been playing EX Troopers, the japan-exclusive Lost Planet anime action adventure spinoff game with art from the designer that went on to do Monster Hunter Stories. It got a fan translation this week and I always wanted to play it, so ive been having so much fun. I’ve also been trying to conquer my fear of horror games with exposure therapy by playing the Dread X Collections.

It’s late in the day, so I’ll not bother editing that.

What have you played this week? Have you grabbed any goodies in the various sales?

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  1. Started out with a game of “fit an SSD into a PS5”. Which was quite easy, after the initial struggle to get the bottom off. Those plates need more pressure applied than would seem healthy for them. So now I’ve got plenty of storage, and no more shuffling things around because a 500MB update needs 50GB of free space.

    Then it was pretty much the same as last week. Except for finally getting around to the Yuffie DLC in FF7R. Which is fun, but it seems wrong to meet her so early. She should be much further into part 2. The second disc of the original game. They really did make a complete mess of the story with the remake.

  2. I got the plats for Syberia 3 and Lego Ninjago Nindroids! I’ve immediately moved on to Lego Ninjago Shadow of Ronin. My quest to get as many of the Lego platinum trophies as I can continues!

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