Our Most Wanted Games of 2023 – #15 to #11

Most Wanted 2023 – 15-11 Starfield, AC Mirage

As we reach the cusp of our top 10 Most Wanted games of the next year, there’s another healthy mix of genres and styles to be found. From the long-awaited sequel to an Xbox 360 classic, to a new challenger to the Monster Hunter throne, and a ‘back to basics’ entry in a 15-year series, we’ve got it all.

15. Wild Hearts

PS5, XSX|S, PC | 17th February 2023

Looking to carve themselves out a slice of the Monster Hunter pie, Koei Tecmo has allied themselves with EA for Wild Hearts, a new take on the co-op action RPG subgenre.

While the core monster battling might be immediately familiar to Monster Hunter Fans, there’s more flexibility in how to battle them, thanks to being able to craft karakuri boxes and barricades to give you height or cover. It’s been a while since anyone’s seriously challenged Capcom’s crown, but with this particular twist alongside a whole host of player-friendly quality of life differences, this could be one of the strongest attempts yet.

14. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

PS5 | Winter 2023

Continuing their reimagined Final Fantasy 7 saga, Rebirth will be a middle part to the new trilogy, aiming to be the Empire Strikes Back of the series. It certainly looks the part, with the game building on what was seen in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but able to go further as a full PS5 exclusive. Could we also see them adjust and adapt the core gameplay, though?

Of course, where Rebirth will continue to be divisive is with its story. Square Enix aren’t just retelling the tale of the original game with new graphics and gameplay, but are fiddling with the narrative as well. We’ll see how it pans out, but this could be something of a marmite game, even with Square Enix’s aspirations.

13. Assassin’s Creed Mirage

PS5, XSX|S, PS4, XBO, PC | 2023

Assassin’s Creed changed when AC Origins released, moving away from the stealth focus of previous games and towards the giant open world action-RPG formula for three whole games. These are still excellent games of course, but Assassin’s Creed used to be carefully sneaking through crowds inside medieval cities as we slowly worked our way towards a target, and some fans miss that.

Enter Mirage. Described as a “back-to-basics” approach to Assassins Creed, Mirage will take us back to a smaller map that’s mostly a dense city, a focus on stealth and parkour, and a more narrative driven game overall. Missions will be structured around identifying, hunting, and assassinating a target, then disappearing, with the actual assassination missions being “black box” missions, much like those in AC Unity. Mirage seems like it’s going to take all the best bits from all the AC games and combine them into one sneaky, stabby, freerunning package – a modern interpretation of what the franchise used to be.

Just let me take an enemy’s sword from them in combat and then throw it at another. Pretty please?

– Gamoc

12. Starfield

XSX|S, PC | Q1/Q2 2023

There’s a lot riding on the release of Starfield. After a disappointing 2022 (in part because Starfield was delayed), Xbox’s 2023 will be seen as a success or failure depending on how this game fares, Bethesda’s reputation for storytelling/world building/buggy game releases will be reaffirmed or rewritten, the value of Microsoft buying Bethesda could be reassessed, and even the Activision Blizzard acquisition could in some small way depend on this game.

Ultimately, we just want this to be a good game, taking the better things that Bethesda’s RPGs are known for and applying it to a new setting. From what little we’ve seen, it looks the part.

Once you join Constellation, an organisation that counts themselves as the last group of space explorers, you’re given the goal of hunting down some of the many artefacts that have been scattered across the galaxy, revealing an underlying secret that looks set to change humanity forever. Through this, you’ll journey in your space ship, flying yourself to visit over 100 systems, visiting core cities as well as alien wildernesses, engaging in the talking head dialogue so common to Bethesda’s games, but having that mixed with some good-looking first and third person shooting.

11. Alan Wake 2

PS5, XSX|S, PC | 2023

Everyone’s favourite flashlight-toting horror writer is making a long-awaited return next year, as Remedy Entertainment spread their wings to become a multi-team studio. Following on from the success of Control, which was eventually revealed to be a part of the same universe, the studio first refurbished the original game with a remaster, but then struck up a publishing partnership with Epic Games to develop a full sequel.

We’ve seen hide nor hair of this game since it was announced at The Game Awards last year, so the 2023 release target could naturally shift, but what we do know is that Remedy are making this as much more of a survival horror game than the action horror of the original.

That’s all for this set of five, but what if you missed the first list so far? Well, we’ve got handy links for you to catch up right here:

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